DUI Convictions in Florida

DUI charges in Florida come with severe fines, penalties, restrictions, and even jail time. The DUI consequences can have a lasting effect on an individual’s driving record. Violation of DUI laws can result in driver’s license suspension. It is useful for Florida drivers to learn about drunk driving information and the DUI laws by downloading our free guide. Knowing the difference between DUI and DWI can impact drivers license points and penalties assessed to a driving record. The cost of DUIs may vary from state to state. Drunk driving charges in Florida are in partly due to Florida’s zero tolerance policy. DUI violations from out-of-state visitors are also severely punished. To learn more about Florida’s policies and the consequences of DUI charges, select from the topics below:

  • DUI Consequences and Penalties in Florida
  • The Difference Between DUI and DWI in Florida
  • Out of State DUI Penalties in Florida

DUI Consequences and Penalties in Florida

DUI consequences in Florida fluctuate according to how many times the offense has occurred. In Florida, the cost of DUI for the first offense ranges from $500 to $1,000, but is subject to change. DUI penalties double for the second and third violations, making it increasingly punitive for the driver. DUI consequences in Florida can also include jail time. DWI convictions in Florida have jail time for up to six months, and nine months for the first two offenses, respectively. The third infraction could incur DUI penalties of up to five years in jail. Being charged with DUI offenses can result in drivers license suspension. The DUI consequence for the first wrong-doing is possible license suspension for up to one year. DWI convictions in Florida for second and third offenses can be a loss of driving privileges for fiver to 10 years. DUI violations in Florida allow for pleas to lessen a charge for DUIs and decrease the severity of the penalty. Courses, in the form of traffic school, may be available to educate drivers with drunk driving information to improve safety. Getting a DUI in Florida may require the driver to attend a drivers safety course, or traffic school, in order to avoid license suspension. Download our guide to learn more about the benefits of driver safety courses in relation to Florida DUIs.

The Difference Between DWI and DUI in Florida

There is a marked difference between DWI and DUI in Florida. DWI and DUI stand for different violations. DWI is the acronym for driving while intoxicated. DUI is the term used when a driver has been driving under the influence. Florida determines what constitutes the difference between DWI and DUI for enforcement reasons. DWI tickets may be a lesser penalty, as opposed to a DUI charge, which is considered when the level of intoxication is lower. DUI can have a stiffer penalty and can sometimes be reduced by taking traffic school courses to lessen the charge.

Out of State DUI Penalties in Florida

Many individuals are adversely effected by out of state DUI charges and convictions. Florida participates in the National Drivers Register. Out of state DUI charges are tracked through this National Drivers Register database, which all states currently use. This record of drivers with drug and alcohol driving infractions is used to continue DUI penalties in multiple states. This measure was implemented to prevent individuals charged with a DUI from licensing other states. FL DUI penalties and consequences are implemented to educate drivers and increase safe driving.

DUI violations in Florida are serious offenses. Florida is one of many states where DUI penalties are strict due to the zero tolerance policy. Florida DUI laws result in more DUI penalties and a high cost of DUI charges incurred by the driver. In Florida, DUI laws are set up with increasing consequences based on how often the infraction takes place. In terms of first, second and third offenses, the cost of a DUI starts at $500 and can balloon to upwards of $5,000. When charged with DUI offenses, a driver may incur jail time. Out of state DUIs can cause issues for a driver. Out of state DUI convictions in Florida can be tracked through a database, so that if a visitor leaves after committing the offense, he or she can still be found and prosecuted. This system allows Florida to abide by DUI penalties initiated in other states, as well. The cost of a DUI is steep and cannot be discounted simply because the driver is not living in the state of Florida. Those drivers who face drunk driving charges in the state of Florida will have to appear in court if the offense is severe enough. Likewise, if this happens, drivers may wish to secure the assistance of DUI defense attorneys as representation in their cases.