How to Buy an HUD Home in Florida

HUD homes in Florida are available through the state so that more Florida residents can realize the dream of owning an own home. Residents who buy a home from HUD receive benefits not available with non-HUD properties. Many of the advantages of buying an HUD home in Florida include lower financial requirements for applicants who normally would not be eligible for convention home loans. Homeownership assistance is just one of the many services Florida’s Department of Housing and Urban Development provides residents. Interested parties can find out more about the programs available to Florida residents in our comprehensive guide by clicking here. To know more about how to buy HUD homes in Florida, read from the below topics:


  • What are HUD homes in Florida?
  • Advantages of buying an HUD home in Florida
  • How to buy a HUD homes in Florida
  • Where to find an HUD home in Florida

What are HUD Homes in Florida?

HUD homes in Florida are government-owned residential properties, which may be single-family homes or multi-unit buildings up to four units. One of the biggest advantages of buying an HUD home include a lower sale price, especially in certain areas and for applicants in specific professions. Most HUD homes in Florida are the result of a foreclosure. HUD homes in Florida have several misconceptions such as being exclusively in bad neighborhoods and being derelict buildings. However, many of the homes are near good schools and constructed less than a decade ago. Residents interested in where to find an HUD home in Florida can search throughout the 52 counties in the state. The state encourages interested applicants to seek housing counseling services prior to making an offer on a HUD property.

Advantages of Buying an HUD Home in Florida

There are distinct benefits to purchasing HUD homes in Florida over buying standard residential properties that many residents will appreciate. The greatest advantages of buying an HUD home are the financial incentives like a low down payment and competitive interest rates. Residents who should buy a home from HUD in Florida are those that do not qualify for a private mortgage, as HUD properties are flexible with applicants’ credit ranking and history. Click here to discover comprehensive information about home-buying services available in our digital guide.

While HUD does not offer direct financing, officials will work with buyers in qualifying for FHA-insured loans and homeownership vouchers. One of the best advantages to buying HUD homes in Florida is that the real estate agent will prepare all of the paperwork, submit the offer and make the deposit without charge. Lenders are more lenient when reviewing loan applications of those who want to buy a home from HUD, as the mortgage provider knowns that both HUD and the FHA will secure the loan in case of a default.

How to Buy a HUD Homes in Florida

To buy a home from HUD, applicants must meet certain eligibility criteria to make a bid. The state first offers HUD homes in Florida to owner occupants (primary residence buyers) and nonprofit groups. Since there are so many advantages of buying an HUD home, the state will only allow investors and private organizations after the property listing has been open for an extended period.

Residents looking to buy a home from HUD Revitalization Areas must meet additional income requirements. Click here to find out more about HUD homes in Revitalization Areas of Florida. Likewise, applicants for programs relating to HUD homes in Florida such as the Good Neighbor Next Door (GNND) must meet the specific qualifications of the program. Typically, petitioners should not have a history of account write-offs, short sales or foreclosures.

Where to Find an HUD Home in Florida

Many residents wonder where to find an HUD home in Florida counties available to occupying owners and non-profit organizations. Residents can buy a home from HUD-registered real estate professionals who will also assist with the paperwork necessary for applying for FHA loans. Residents can also find available HUD homes in Florida on the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development website. Those who use this site can filter properties by location, price, size and property case number, if known.

HUD homes in Florida will also have signs in front of the property indicating who is managing the property. Officials will often do this before the house goes on the online market. First-time buyers can work directly with local HUD offices to locate available properties nearby as well as inquire about home-buying counseling. HUD works specifically with service members on obtaining veteran home loans for purchasing HUD homes in Florida.

What Housing Assistance Is Available Through the HUD?

Government benefits and loans are available to Florida residents through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Residents can also go through the HUD to obtain housing counseling and file various complaints related to housing. To learn more about the benefits offered through this department and how to qualify for them, download our comprehensive HUD guide.

Who Qualifies for Housing Assistance in Florida?

Qualifications for housing assistance in Florida vary based on the specific housing program that claimants are applying for. Typically, applicants must meet certain income qualifications based on their household size, and sometimes petitioners are placed on waiting lists. Learn more about housing assistance eligibility here.