FAQs About HUD

  1. I know that HUD is connected to the FHA loans in Florida, so how do I get one?

First, you have meet eligibility requirements to receive an FHA loan. Most traditional banks are FHA-approved lenders. Inquire at several local banks since interest rates may vary from one place to the next. Lenders will see if you qualify for the FHA loan.

  1. If I want to buy a manufactured home, will I still qualify for a FHA loan?

HUD will approve an FHA loan for manufactured homes. Whether or not you qualify depends on the lender involved and other factors.

  1. I have several accounts that have gone to collections, would I qualify for a FHA loan?

In some instances, you would still be able to qualify for an FHA loan. One of the largest determining factors is the amount that is in collection, the steps taken to rectify the situation and the reason for falling behind in the first place.

  1. Can I get an FHA loan from HUD if I want to purchase the home to flip it?

You can get an FHA loan if you qualify for one, but the bigger question is whether the house would be eligible for another FHA loan when sold to someone else. Owners cannot resell FHA-loaned homes within 90 days of obtaining the loan. There are many rules governing this, so it is best to sit down with a housing counselor through the local housing authority.

  1. I have qualified for Section 8 housing, but my brother who sometimes lives with me was arrested last night on drug charges. Will I be evicted?

Officials review each case on its own merits. If HUD determines your brother lived with you a majority of the time and that you knew about his activities, then you may be in danger of eviction from the Section 8 program. However, it is best to consult with the local housing authority to make certain.

  1. I’ve lived in a project Section 8 housing apartment for a few years and I want to move. Will my vouchers go with me?

If you are in a project-based Section 8 housing apartment in Florida, then the vouchers are tied to the property and not to you as an individual. Therefore, it will not be transferable. However, if you have a tenant-based Section 8 apartment, then it is completely transferable.

  1. I’m on Social Security and don’t make a lot of money. I think I’m in danger of losing my home. Can HUD help me keep my house?

HUD offers housing counseling services that can help you determine if keeping your home is the right decision. If it is, then there are programs that can assist in avoiding foreclosure and making rental payments. However, HUD may offer alternatives based on the applicants situation. In fact, the department offers special housing options for seniors and veterans.

  1. I know HUD offers money for buying a home, but do they give loans for fixing up a house, like making repairs?

Yes. HUD has guidelines about for repairs to a home. There are several HUD programs offered to Florida residents for repairing and upgrading their existing home.

  1. Are HUD homes in Florida cheap?

HUD properties are less costly than similarly constructed homes. HUD offers many low or reduced cost homes to low- and moderate-income families. The reduction of price for HUD homes in Florida is dependent on several factors.

  1. How do I know if a house is a HUD home?

HUD maintains a listing of approved homes, which are available through the local housing authority.

  1. Does HUD buy houses?

No. HUD homes are usually homes once privately owned but whose owners defaulted on their mortgages and the bank took them back as part of the foreclosure process.

  1. How can I rent a home from HUD?

HUD does not rent or buy homes. HUD acts as a broker and provides funding for homebuyers to purchase a home or to find low-cost subsidized housing.

  1. Once I have my Section 8 vouchers, what do I do?

Having vouchers available is only one half of the equation, as there must be available houses to use the vouchers. Some Florida counties do not have enough available HUD houses and officials must place qualified applicants on a Section 8 waiting list. HUD notifies applicants when it is time to select a home from a list of approved and available homes.

  1. I have a rental home that I would like to offer to Section 8 housing applicants. How do I do that?

You would need to contact the local housing authority to start the application. The property and home will be subject to inspection before being added to the roster.

  1. What sort of housing options does HUD offer someone who is in a wheelchair?

HUD gives priority status to disabled tenants who meet eligibility requirements. For example, the disability must be permanent and you must be receiving SSI. The housing counseling services offered by HUD can direct you further in your search.

  1. Does HUD offer anything for people who are homeless in Florida?

The federal and state governments set aside an amount of money specifically earmarked for addressing the homeless situation in Florida. Each county is responsible for how this money is utilized by the community. The best way to find out what is available in your area is to contact the local housing authority.

  1. What do I do if I suspect someone of housing discrimination?

Florida takes housing discrimination extremely seriously. There is a specific discrimination hotline for those who have experienced discrimination in the housing industry. HUD also offers a way to file a complaint online.

  1. There are several derelict buildings down the road from me. Can HUD doing anything about that?

Actually, in many cases, HUD can absolutely do something about it. HUD has a Community Development Block Grant Program with the purpose to revitalize communities and remove slums and rundown buildings.

What Housing Assistance Is Available Through the HUD?

Government benefits and loans are available to Florida residents through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Residents can also go through the HUD to obtain housing counseling and file various complaints related to housing. To learn more about the benefits offered through this department and how to qualify for them, download our comprehensive HUD guide.

Who Qualifies for Housing Assistance in Florida?

Qualifications for housing assistance in Florida vary based on the specific housing program that claimants are applying for. Typically, applicants must meet certain income qualifications based on their household size, and sometimes petitioners are placed on waiting lists. Learn more about housing assistance eligibility here.