Medicare Part A in Florida

Florida Medicare Part A, sometimes called Medicare Plan A, is the equivalent of having insurance for hospital care-related services. Medicare Plan A is funded by the federal government and is available to all Floridians who are eligible to receive it. However, there are times when the Medicare Part A costs will be free every month for recipients, and there are other times when recipients will have to pay monthly premiums toward the Medicare Part A costs in Florida. Download our guide to review more information about Medicare Part A monthly cost estimates. Read more about Medicare Part A as hospital insurance, the costs associated and the process of enrollment in the plan in the below sections:

  • Medicaid Hospital Insurance in Florida
  • Enrolling in Medicare Part A in Florida
  • Medicare Part A Costs in Florida

Medicaid Hospital Insurance in Florida

Patients who are new to Medicare Plan A may not realize that it is the equivalent of getting hospital insurance. Virtually all Medicare Part A plans will provide recipients with services that include hospital care, nursing home care, hospice care and home health care. Medicare Part A plans do not cover medical-related services that are necessary for diagnosing or treating specific medical conditions. Instead of Medicare Part A, a recipient would need to have Medicare Part B to receive medical insurance that covers these services. However, most Medicare recipients in Florida have Medicare Part A and Part B, together. Anyone who just chooses Medicare Part A would probably do so to avoid paying the monthly premium for Medicare Part B. This comes at a risk, because any medical services required would not be insured. Medicare Plan A is most suitable for those who need assisted living or regular nursing care that does not involve medical procedures or surgeries. Read more about the importance of both Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, together by downloading our guide.

Enrolling in Medicare Part A in Florida

Medicare Part A plans can be combined with other Medicare plans if the recipient is eligible for them. Most people sign up for Medicare Plan A when they enroll for retirement benefits like Social Security or Railroad Retirement Board. This means when patients turn 65 years of age, they will automatically be enrolled in Medicare Part A in Florida. As for those who did not sign up for Medicare Part A when they enrolled for retirement benefits, or for those who choose to purchase Medicare Part A, these patients can follow the steps to sign up for Medicare online through the Social Security Administration (SSA) website. Patients in Florida can call the main SSA customer service phone number as well for by-phone application assistance or to learn the Medicare application requirements. For those who want to enroll in Medicare Plan A in person, simply stop by the local Social Security office to fill out the proper paperwork. Some applicants prefer this method, because it is easy to directly ask the staff any questions.

The Medicare Part A Costs in Florida

Medicare Part A costs vary depending on the amount of Medicare taxes that were paid by the recipient. The majority of patients who enroll in Medicare Plan A do not have to pay any kind of monthly premium, which is why Medicare Part A is often referred to as “premium-free Part A.” The reason why Medicare Part A in Florida is free for these patients is because they have reached 65 years of age or older and they paid enough Medicare taxes throughout their working lives to where they do not have to pay monthly premiums. Generally, those who paid Medicare taxes for over 40 work quarters do not have to pay a Medicare Plan A monthly premium when they are 65 years of age. Those under 65 years of age can avoid paying monthly premiums for Medicare Plan A if they have received disability benefits from the Railroad Retirement Board or through Social Security for approximately two years. Those with End-Stage Renal Disease may also qualify for Medicare when under 65.

There is a Medicare Part A cost for those who paid Medicare taxes that equaled to under 40 work quarters. With Medicare taxes paid for 30 to 39 quarters, recipients would have to pay monthly premiums in the amount of $227 toward their Medicare Part A plans in Florida. If patients have logged under 30 work quarters, recipients pay $413 per month for their premiums. The monthly premium cost for Medicare Plan A does not include the monthly premium cost of Medicare Part B, assuming the recipient chose to purchase Part A and Part B together. Those who plan to enroll in both Medicare plans can read about the extra costs endured in our free, downloadable guide.

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