Florida Vital Records

Vital records are documents, reports and certificates held by the Florida health department to keep track of residents' familial status in the state. From certificates of birth to death, it is important for the government to keep records to measure demographic statistics. Marriage and divorce records in Florida are equally as significant for keeping historical records for future generations and implement the appropriate laws for each circumstance. Residents can find out how each type of vital record serves a purpose in our digital Florida guide by clicking here.

Ordering a vital record is easy when using an online, trusted third-party provider with access to documents and reports from the Bureau of Vital Statistics. FL vital records include certificates of marriage, divorce decrees, birth certificates and death records. By furnishing the information needed to order a vital record, Florida residents can order all types of records through a secure third-party service for ease and convenience.

Birth certificates contain information on an individual's live birth and include details such as city of birth, date of birth and parents' names. Parents need a certificate of birth as evidence of a new member of their household when applying for government assistance programs in Florida. Stillbirth records are also found in FL vital records and pertain to infants who did not show signs of life upon delivery. Replacement and commemorative certificates are also available through online requests.

Death records in Florida hold information pertaining to an individual's passing such as the date of death, cause of death and where the decedent passed. Death certificates are proof of a loved one's passing so that surviving family members can receive benefits and inherit assets. For instance, families may need to request death certificates to transfer a car title in Florida to a surviving member. Those interested in geological projects are look at public death records from generations ago.

Newlyweds must file marriage records with the FL vital statistics bureau upon completion of a wedding ceremony. Couples must report the union as marriage changes their legal and financial status. For instance, a new marriage allows a spouse to add the other to their state-run insurance program in Florida outside of enrollment periods. A marriage certificate contains details about the date of matrimony, the city where it took place and the names of the parties involved.

Divorce records encompass all documents pertaining to a dissolution of marriage. A divorce once again changes residents' lawful and economic status and requires the former spouses to report the dissolution to the proper government and official institutions. A decree of divorce dictates the stipulations of dissolution while a certificate serves as proof of separation. Find out more in the topics below.

Florida Birth Records

Florida birth certificates are the first vital records state-born residents receive. A certificate of birth in Florida is a document that proves one's age, citizenship and identity. A copy of birth certificate documentation is available for all residents born in FL and comes in different forms. Citizens can order a birth certificate copy from a trustworthy third-party provider and receive the document in seven to 10 days or overnight with the express delivery option. Read More

Florida Death Records

Death records in Florida hold vital information pertaining to the passing of a loved one, such as date of death, cause of death, decedent's name and other information. It is necessary to request death certificate documentation when a loved one passes to settle all of his or her affairs and legal matters. A search of the FL death index can help surviving family members claim or transfer Social Security benefits from the decedent as well as learn about family history. Individuals can order death certificate credentials from a trusted third-party provider online for ease and convenience. Read More

Florida Marriage Records

Like other states, marriage registration in Florida is a requirement prior to a matrimony taking place. The Bureau of Vital Statistics and other government agencies use marriage records to keep updated demographics and details about state residents and to implement necessary state laws justly. Individuals can order a marriage certificate and other wedding records through a trusted third-party provider easily through an online form. Read More

Florida Divorce Records

Upon dissolution of marriage, divorce records are a requirement by the state of Florida to update official government reports and carry out the law accordingly. Marriage and divorce records in Florida include the premarital prep courses the married couple completed at the time of matrimony and a questionnaire issued when the couple requests a divorce to measure the effectiveness of the prep courses. Florida divorce documents are available to order online through a trusted, third-party provider for processing that is fast and easy. Read More


What Health Services Are Available in Florida?

Health services are available for a wide variety of Florida residents and the benefits range from low-cost to free health care. However, the claimants and families that are interested in these benefits typically need to submit applications and documents that prove their eligibility for program benefits. Learn about the various health programs available in the state of Florida and find out how to qualify for affordable health care or medical coverage that is free of charge by downloading our guide.

Who Can Receive Florida Health Benefits?

Health service programs in Florida have a variety of eligibility requirements. Some of the factors taken into consideration when evaluating an applicant's eligibility include age and household income. However, even if petitioners do not qualify for health care in one program, they are often eligible for the benefits of another.