Florida Marriage Records

Like other states, marriage registration in Florida is a requirement prior to a matrimony taking place. The Bureau of Vital Statistics and other government agencies use marriage records to keep updated demographics and details about state residents and to implement necessary state laws justly. Individuals can order a marriage certificate and other wedding records in a variety of ways, so long as they have the required information. Find out how to obtain and use a marriage license in the following sections.

Order Your Florida Marriage Record Online

For maximum convenience, order your Florida marriage records online through a reliable and secure third-party provider. Online marriage record orders can be submitted in minutes. They only require a few pieces of information and payment for the applicable fees. After submitting payment, your FL marriage documents will be delivered straight to you in 7 to 10 business days (or fewer, if you choose express shipping). Online orders offer fast and easy processing from the comfort of your home. To purchase a replacement marriage certificate today through a trustworthy digital platform, click here.

By Mail

If you have lost marriage certificate documentation, you can also submit a request for a duplicate via mail. To do so, fill out a Florida marriage record application with the necessary information and send it to the Office of Vital Statistics along with payment for applicable fees. However, be careful to fill out the application with complete accuracy, as incorrect or incomplete information will result in long delays. Also, note that mail-in applications may be lost in transit and put important personal information at risk of being stolen, whereas online orders are processed instantly through a secure digital portal.

In Person Through the Office of Vital Statistics

You can also order a marriage certificate in Florida in person. However, you may only do so by visiting the Department of Healths Office of Vital Statistics in Jacksonville. You will need to bring a completed marriage certificate form and payment for the applicable fees during office hours, which are not flexible. Additionally, expect to wait to be assisted when you arrive at the office. In any case, to bypass these inconveniences, most applicants submit their official marriage document requests online.

Types of Florida Marriage Records

A marriage license search by both participants is a requirement prior to getting married to proceed with the ceremony. Both parties applying for marriage registration will need to obtain a marriage license first, which gives them permission to wed in Florida. A marriage license lookup will also disclose if either party is still married or able to wed legally as single persons. A divorcee may need to furnish a divorce certificate to prove he or she is currently unmarried. To find out other requirements to get married in Florida, click here for our comprehensive guide.

After the matrimony, the wedding records go to the Clerk of the Court for filing and recording. Within 60 days, the state will issue a marriage certificate to the newlyweds as proof of their union. A certified copy of marriage certificate documentation serves to confirm a couple’s joint claim on specific governmental benefits. The wedding certificate confirms the occurrence of a ceremony and allows spouses to make the appropriate legal and financial arrangements. Newlyweds may need to furnish a copy of marriage certificate to sign up for health insurance benefits in Florida outside of normal enrollment periods.

Florida offers commemorative marriage certificates as decorative mementos and gifts. An ornamental duplicate marriage certificate has calligraphy-style lettering and includes the state Registrar signature and seal to mirror the original. Florida residents can frame commemorative certificates to share with friends and family to celebrate the special occasion. However, this type of marriage certificate is not valid to sign up for state assistance programs in Florida or other legal purposes.

All marriage records are available for order online through a reliable third-party service for quick, easy processing.

Who is eligible to procure Florida wedding records?

Florida marriage documents are public records and available for anyone to view or order. Anyone who knows how to do a marriage certificate search and has adequate information can obtain a copy sans Social Security Numbers. If one or more parties involved in the marriage are seeking a marriage certificate copy with Social Security Number, they must provide a valid form of identification such as a state driver’s license, ID card, passport or military ID card. Marriage license records are available to government agencies, insurance companies and legal representatives for official purposes.

Registrants and others who want to find marriage records can perform a marriage certificate search through a trustworthy third-party provider easily online.

Purposes of Florida Marriage Documents

A marriage certificate contains the names of the spouses after the wedding ceremony, including a name change. A copy of marriage certificate will serve as proof of name change for updates made to a Florida driver’s license, Social Security card, passport and other legal forms of identification. Matrimony records also serve to prove the next of kin and beneficiary for estate planning and insurance purposes. A marriage registration document may a requirement for insurance companies when a spouse’s employer provides health insurance that can cover a spouse and/or children. Florida wedding records are available from 1927 to present day, making them a useful tool in tracing a family’s genealogy.

Purchasing a marriage certificate online through a dependable third-party server can suffice for the aforementioned reasons and is the easiest application method available.


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