Florida Divorce Records

Upon dissolution of marriage, Florida divorce records must be issued by the state in order to update official government reports and carry out the law. Marriage and divorce records in Florida feature important information about both parties involved and can be obtained in a variety of ways by eligible individuals. Learn more about how to find divorce records in Florida and the purposes they serve in the following sections.


Order Your Florida Divorce Record Online


You can obtain divorce records in Florida by submitting your request online through a secure and reliable third-party provider. Just fill out the digital FL divorce search form, provide payment for the fee, and select a shipping method. You can receive the divorce documents you need in just 7 to 10 business days – or sooner, if you select express shipping. Online divorce record orders are quick, simple and completely secure.

By Mail

Applicants can also request a copy of divorce papers by mail with payment and a signed letter or application containing information about the parties involved in the dissolution. However, ordering a divorce certificate by mail requires a longer processing time, as the postal communication channel adds days to the process (between the initial send-out date and the date when documentation finally arrives at the requestor’s address). Additionally, incomplete information will add to the delay and require petitioners to reapply through the Office of Vital Statistics

In Person Through the Office of Vital Statistics

Divorce records in Florida can also be obtained in person by visiting the Department of Health’s Office of Vital Statistics in Jacksonville. Petitioners must bring the death record application and payment to this office and wait to be assisted by a representative. Additionally, they will need to make arrangements with their work or school in order to visit the office during open hours, which may prove difficult. As such, applicants often prefer submitting their requests online.

Types of Florida Divorce Records

A Florida divorce certificate contains the minimum information required about the dissolution of marriage. Each copy of divorce certificates will have of both spouses’ names as well as the time and date of their legal disunion. Considered a public record divorce in Florida, a certificate of annulment is the most common type of record used for official and personal purposes. This divorce document is evidence of the dissolution of marriage needed for many legal purposes including name changes on Florida driving licenses.

A decree of divorce contains the same information as the certificate as well as the terms of divorce, such as child custody, division of assets and alimony payments. The copy of divorce decree documentation will contain the presiding judge’s signature and the court case number. Only the parties involved in the divorce, the two spouses and their legal representatives, have access to a divorce decree. This is a very important document for financial purposes, as many Florida government programs require applicants to list court-ordered payments such as child and spousal support.

Florida divorce records encompass the same information as a divorce certificate and decree as well as every case file and report made throughout the process of dissolution. A divorce record search usually provides the most comprehensive report of a couple’s annulment process, including all legal documents and signed agreements from both parties, as well as court transcripts and arbitrations passed. A copy of divorce papers in their entirety are available to each party following processing.

A copy of divorce certificate documentation valid overseas is called an apostille or exemplified certification. The apostille certificate contains the state Registrar’s and Secretary’s signatures and an embossed Florida state seal so that foreign governments will accept the document as proof of dissolution. Residents can find out more about vital records conditions in our comprehensive Florida guide by clicking here.

Registrants and other authorized individuals can request divorce records online through a trusted third-party provider for easy processing.

Who can request my divorce papers in Florida?

Public record divorce documents include annulment certificates issued by a court judge. In the state of Florida, anyone who knows how to find divorce records and can furnish the names of both parties, the date and city where the dissolution occurred can receive a copy of the certificate. Florida residents can search divorce records from the vital statistics office as far back as June 1927 and purchase a copy of a divorce certificate from a reliable third-party service online.

However, a certified copy of divorce decrees are only available to the parties involved. The. A divorce decree copy contains sensitive information pertaining to the terms of an annulment, therefore it is not public record for anyone to access. Even if applicants know how to get a copy of divorce decrees in Florida, only the two former spouses and each of their legal representatives have access to a divorce decree. To find out why divorce couples should always have a copy of their divorce decree, download our free Florida guide here.

Purpose of Conducting a Florida Divorce Record Search

Divorce documents are legally binding paperwork that are often requirements for several resolutions. Marriage and divorce records are mandatory when requesting a name change on identification such as a driver’s license, passport and Social Security card, as they are proof of a change in marital status. Likewise, divorce documents may be necessary for authorities to update records on who receives benefits from a spouse’s policy or government assistance programs in Florida. A copy of a divorce certificate can also work for legal purposes to remove a former spouse from benefits from a will or joint bank account. Florida divorce records acquired from a secure third-party provider will suffice for the purposes mentioned above.

What Assistance Benefits Does the Department of Children and Families Provide?

Various assistance benefits are available to residents of Florida through the Department of Children and Families (DCF). Families can receive benefits that allow them to buy nutritious groceries, save money on school lunch for their children and obtain temporary financial assistance. Additionally, petitioners who qualify for one assistance program are also typically eligible for other benefits in Florida. Find out how to qualify for benefits through Florida’s DCF and how to apply for them by downloading our comprehensive guide.

Who Can Receive Assistance Benefits in Florida?

Each assistance program offered through Florida’s Department of Children and Families has various eligibility qualifications that petitioners must meet in order to enroll. Household size and income are only a few factors that are typically taken into account. For more details on eligibility for Florida DCF assistance programs, download our guide.