Florida Birth Records

Florida birth certificates are the first vital records state-born residents receive. A certificate of birth in Florida is a document that proves one’s age, citizenship and identity. A copy of birth certificate documentation is available for all residents born in FL and comes in different forms. Furthermore, citizens can order a birth certificate copy in a variety of ways, so long as they have the information required to fill out an application. Learn more about Florida birth records and how they can be used in the following sections.


Order Your Florida Birth Record Online


You can order Florida birth records quickly and easily by submitting your request through a trusted third-party provider. Online birth certificate orders can be completed in minutes without you ever having to leave the comfort of your home. Simply fill in the required information on the birth certificate form and submit payment in order to complete your order, and then select a shipping option. Depending on your preference, you can receive your FL birth record in 7 to 10 business days or sooner, if you choose the expedited shipping option.

By Mail

Ordering a vital record can also be done via mail through the Bureau of Vital Statistics. Florida residents can apply for a birth certificate by filling out the proper form and sending it to the bureau’s P.O. Box for order processing. However, it is important to note that mail-in birth record requests often take longer than online requests to process, due to the number of days that will elapse between the day you mail out your request and the day your processed order is finally sent out. Additionally, applications submitted via mail run the risks of getting lost in transit and having personal information stolen.

In Person Through the Bureau of Vital Statistics

A duplicate of birth certificate document can also be requested in person by visiting the Bureau of Vital Statistics office with all of the required paperwork and payment. However, given that the bureau only has one office location – which may not be in your vicinity – this is often the least convenient option available. Additionally, all applicants who choose to submit their requests in person will be subject to waiting in line for an available representative.

Types of Florida Birth Records

A certified birth certificate from FL comes in two forms: a computer copy and an authorized photocopy. Both types of birth records have an official Florida seal stamp that indicates the document’s validity, as there are certain legal purposes that require a certified record. The embossed seal on Florida birth certificates meets the standards set by Homeland Security and other government organizations. Vital records processed from 1860 onward are available by both computer generated copy and book copy.

An apostille or exemplified certificate of birth serves the purpose of authenticating a Florida resident’s birth records overseas. Such records are necessary under the Hague Convention signed in 1961, a treaty that dictated standards for use of government and legal documents outside of the United States. A FL birth record with apostille or exemplified certification includes the State Registrar’s and Secretary of State’s signatures. This does not apply to immigrants and refugees residing in Florida.

A birth record can include a claim of paternity or putative father registry, which allows the assumed biological father of a child to preserve his rights to custody and adoption of his child, in cases of the parents being unmarried. A claim of paternity does not automatically include the father on the child’s birth certificate. Being able to claim a child as a dependent is critical for many Florida assistance programs.

Florida vital records also has contain certificates of birth for stillbirths. Creation of stillbirth certificates stem from a piece of state legislation known as Katherine’s Law, which passed in 2006. A certificate of birth issued at the time of a stillbirth does not qualify as proof of live birth and is not valid to establish an identity. For legal purposes, stillbirth certificates act more as death certificates in Florida.

Commemorative certificates may appear in a FL birth record if parents order such a document in the past. A commemorative certificate of birth is a decorative copy with calligraphy-style print and a gold-tone state seal that family members typically keep as framed heirloom. A commemorative copy of birth certificate documentation is not valid proof of birth to use for legal purposes such as obtaining a Florida’s driver’s license or other identifying documents.

Florida residents can request a birth certificate form from a secure third-party provider and receive documents in seven to 10 days.

How a Florida Vital Record Can Be Used

A copy of birth certificate can be evidence of citizenship when applying for a job or registering for school. An original birth certificate is often the only form of identification that young children have and parents may use one to enroll youths in school. Government agencies that offer FL residents benefits or insurance also use birth records to determine a citizen’s eligibility for the compensation. Residents will also need a certified birth certificate when applying for a passport as proof of citizenship or identity.

Florida birth records assist the government in keeping accurate statistical information about the state’s population and demographics. A birth certificate copy contains information pertinent to public health archives that become a part of state history and statistics. A FL resident’s birth record also helps the government administer the appropriate laws that protect a citizen’s rights.

You can apply for a birth certificate duplicate online through a protected third-party service with the appropriate form filled out.

How to Replace a Florida Birth Certificate

The information needed to order a vital record is the full names of the subject of the record and parents listed on the certificate as well as the subject’s birth date, birth city or county. A replacement birth certificate is accessible in Florida if the one requesting the duplicate meets one of three criteria:

  • Be the named individual on the birth certificate and be at least 18 years of age
  • Be the named individual’s parent, guardian or legal agent
  • Receive a court order explaining the necessity of the birth record

To order a birth certificate replacement, Florida residents can submit a request with ease and convenience through an online, secure third-party provider. Residents can mail or submit a birth certificate application for certificate replacement in person if the online option is not available to individuals.

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Who Can Receive Assistance Benefits in Florida?

Each assistance program offered through Florida’s Department of Children and Families has various eligibility qualifications that petitioners must meet in order to enroll. Household size and income are only a few factors that are typically taken into account. For more details on eligibility for Florida DCF assistance programs, download our guide.