Health Plan Cost and Availability in Florida

Obamacare health insurance plans costs in Florida are the most cited reason for either signing up for Affordable Care Act (ACA) health care plans, or walking away from them. Since its implementation in 2010, Obamacare has been difficult to understand, especially because there are plenty of exceptions to the health plan rules. Most of the FL ACA insurance price estimates are merely starting points, but many new users of the system do not realize that. In other words, if a health plan or a price does not work well for an individual or his or her family, by adjusting data entered (within legal means), a better price can be generated. This is especially true for those who would like to know if they qualify for subsidies. To learn more about the types of Obamacare health insurance plans costs, or to find out how much Obamacare will cost, refer to the following topics:

  • ACA Insurance Price Estimates in Florida
  • Obamacare Health Insurance Plans Costs in Florida
  • How much will Obamacare insurance cost me in Florida?

ACA Insurance Price Estimates in Florida

Florida ACA insurance price estimates that include subsidies, or are eligible for subsidization, must be selected from on-exchange health care plans. Off-exchange medical plans are for those Florida residents who know they would not qualify for subsidies, and merely need to get medical insurance in order to avoid the tax penalty for not having health coverage. However, any health insurance plans purchased off-exchange must still meet and comply with the same ACA standards as those listed on the health care marketplace exchange to qualify. In general, the question of, "How much will Obamacare insurance cost me?" is not a question off-exchange applicants need to worry about. However, the ACA insurance price estimates the average for those purchasing off-exchange plans to run from $286 for a single adult to $727 for a family of four. Deductibles generally run between $4,100 and $7,700 for those who do not receive subsidies. These ACA insurance price estimates are a typical average, even if the insured patient has decided to purchase a plan through the health care exchange and does not purchase elsewhere. Download our free guide to review more specifics about household sizes and incomes as they relate to ACA price estimates.

Obamacare Health Insurance Plans Costs in Florida

ACA insurance price estimates for Floridians takes into account eligibility factors, like where in the state a participant lives, and others, such as income and household size. Many who have only used the exchange a few times do not include all household members in the information provided, as some of those family members may be receiving health insurance from other places. However, this is one of the key mistakes made, and one that could significantly raise the Obamacare health insurance plans costs for applicants. If the applicant is head-of-household and has several people living with him or her, even if he or she has insurance, report that family total accurately, as this allows the health care platform to take all of the factors into account when setting the FL health plan rate.

How much will Obamacare insurance cost me in Florida?

The ACA insurance price estimates are general averages for various medical plans. Each healthcare plan and its corresponding premium is based on the information that the user provides when filling out the Obamacare application online. Here are the types of health plans and the Obamacare health insurance plans costs on average:

Catastrophic level health insurance plans

The ACA insurance price estimates for this type of health plan note that it does not qualify for subsidies, but it is offered to younger enrollees under the age of 30, and provides the bare minimum of health coverage in case of a catastrophic event, such as a severe accident or illness. The ACA insurance price estimates for this type of plan are approximately $145 with a very large deductible of $6,580 annually. This price estimate can be adjusted with the input of additional data from the applicant and may cost a little more, or less, depending on each individual's circumstances.

Gap (short-term) health insurance

Obamacare health insurance plans costs allows for short-term health insurance plans. These are only designed to be used to tide a Florida resident through until a full plan can be purchased. For example, this health coverage option applies to someone who was employed and received insurance through an employer but recently lost that job. While finding health insurance, the short-term health coverage can be utilized. Premiums for such medical plans are not too economical, and purchasing a full health coverage plan should most definitely be in the applicant's near future. Currently, the premium for this type of plan is $107 for an individual and $249 for a family. Deductibles are $3,391 for individuals and $8,252 for an average family of four.

Regular health care plans

Depending on where an applicant lives, the ACA insurance price estimates in Florida start at $100, but can cost as much as $1,200 depending on the plan selected and how many in a family are being insured. The plans are tiered: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each level offers more coverage than the former. All offer the required, basic medical coverage. Deductibles vary depending on the plan as well. On average, the Obamacare health insurance plans costs for an individual are $285 (without subsidies). Additional benefits, such as dental, accident insurance or vision, must be added on, and are not automatically included in the health care plan. Learn more about the different tiers of regular health coverage plans offered in FL by downloading our free guide.


What Health Services Are Available in Florida?

Health services are available for a wide variety of Florida residents and the benefits range from low-cost to free health care. However, the claimants and families that are interested in these benefits typically need to submit applications and documents that prove their eligibility for program benefits. Learn about the various health programs available in the state of Florida and find out how to qualify for affordable health care or medical coverage that is free of charge by downloading our guide.

Who Can Receive Florida Health Benefits?

Health service programs in Florida have a variety of eligibility requirements. Some of the factors taken into consideration when evaluating an applicant's eligibility include age and household income. However, even if petitioners do not qualify for health care in one program, they are often eligible for the benefits of another.