How to Replace a Car Title in Florida

Replacing car titles in Florida is necessary under certain circumstances. Whether drivers must replace lost car titles because they were lost or damaged, or need to deal with stolen car titles, the process is more or less the same. Car titles are crucial to keep on hand at all times. It is absolutely necessary to ensure the whereabouts and condition of a car title because it shows clear ownership of a vehicle. For more information on lost car titles and how to replace car titles in Florida, the following topics are available for review:

  • Application Process for a Car Title Copy in Florida
  • Documentation Necessary for Duplicate Car Titles in Florida
  • Where to Get a Florida Car Title Replacement

Application Process for a Car Title Copy in Florida

When starting the Florida car title replacement process, it is important to be organized and have all appropriate documentation on hand. A driver may complete the duplicate car title process either online or in person. The procedure to obtain a car title copy begins with completing the necessary paperwork, which is outlined in our free, downloadable guide. If applicants choose to go down to the office in person, there will be a representative to help with the FL car title replacement application. Afterwards, a driver must wait for the paperwork to be processed by the tax collector’s office in Florida. If a driver happens to be out of state when the title is misplaced, he or she can mail the forms to the Florida county collection’s office. The processing time for a duplicate car title is approximately four weeks, though this may change depending on circumstances. If a driver needs to replace car titles in Florida quickly, he or she may be able to opt for expedited processing, but that will incur an extra fee. If a driver decides to fill out an online car title copy request, he or she will fill out all of the same documentation required for in-person visits and will submit the request online.

If the car title was stolen, the duplicate car title process is slightly different. A driver will have 180 days to report a stolen title to the authorities. Afterward, a driver should follow all of the steps taken to obtain a duplicate car title in Florida. The only difference between the stolen car title process and the regular car title replacement process is that the stolen car title process does not have any fees associated with it. It is important to note that if the original car title is found that it should be turned into the collector’s office to be destroyed immediately. When the duplicate car title is made, the original is considered invalid, and should be destroyed if ever found.

Documentation Necessary for Duplicate Car Titles in Florida

There is quite a lot of documentation necessary to replace lost cart titles in the state of Florida. The first piece of car title copy documentation necessary is proof of identity. A driver must be able to prove that he or she is the one who is in the system for the car in question, since the collections office will have a record of the current title holder’s name. A driver may either provide a state-issued driver’s license or a state ID card; either form will be accepted as valid proof. Another important piece of documentation for duplicate car titles is the lien holder information and odometer disclosure. In addition, if a driver is going to replace car titles in Florida rather than replace a stolen car title, there will be fees associated, so be sure to have that payment on hand. If a driver is looking for a car title that was originally issued in another state, he or she must also provide a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and that VIN number must be verified by the appropriate authorities as authentic. The last thing a driver will need is the application for duplicate car titles completed.

Where to Get a Florida Car Title Replacement

All drivers who need to replace lost car titles must go down to the local county collector’s office in Florida. The Florida Safety and Highway Department of Motor Vehicles does not actually deal with any part of the car title copy process, contrary to popular belief. Every county in Florida has a county collector’s office, which will take care of the title replacement either in person or by mail. There are different fees associated with FL car title replacement processes. If a driver is dealing with a stolen car title, he or she will not have any fees associated with the replacements, as long as it is report within 180 days of the theft. If a driver has to replace a lost car title in Florida, he or she will incur standard fees. If a driver is getting a replacement car title for a car previously registered out of state, he or she will have higher fees than an in-state vehicle.