How to Renew a Car Registration in Florida

The rules regarding car registration renewal in Florida are a little more extensive than in other states. To renew car registration in Florida may seem complicated because the renewal rules change depending on a few different factors, such as the type of vehicle. Fortunately, drivers only have to know the rules for how to renew car registration on whatever vehicles they own, so they just have to worry about one set of rules as opposed to the registration rules for all the other types of vehicles. Renewing car registration is something that drivers can usually do either online or in person at any Florida Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office. Drivers are encouraged to renew car registration online if they want the quickest and smoothest experience possible. More information about how to renew car registrations in Florida is covered in the following areas:

  • Florida Car Registration Renewal Cycles
  • How to Renew Car Registration in Florida
  • Calculating Florida Car Registration Renewal Fees

Florida Car Registration Renewal Cycles

The most difficult part of trying to renew car registration in Florida comes from the different renewal cycles. There is not a set time for drivers to renew car registration in Florida. Instead, drivers have to note car registration renewals based on the types of vehicle they own. Unfortunately, how to renew car registration can be tricky for drivers with multiple types of vehicles, since they have to actively keep track of the renewal dates for more than one car.

For the most part, drivers only have to worry about renewing car registration for standard motor vehicles. Standard motor vehicles are basic cars and trucks. The car registration renewal rules for standard motor vehicles state that drivers must renew their vehicles every year by their birthdates. The renewal period officially begins 30 days before the registration deadline for the vehicle. Learn more about early car registration renewal by downloading our guide.

When renewing car registration for vehicles that share registration, such as with a married couple, the birthday of the first person listed on the car registration is used for determining the car registration renewal deadline. If the vehicle is owned by a business, the car registration renewal deadline is the last day of the month from when the vehicle was initially registered.

Renewing car registration for mobile homes or for RVs is much more straightforward. These vehicle owners must renew their registrations every year by December 31st, with the renewal period beginning at the start of December. Commercial drivers must follow similar car registration renewal rules, except they must be renewed every six months, so once in May and once in December. Certain commercial vehicles are only renewed once a year, but vehicle owners will be informed of this ruling when it is applicable.

The last type of car registration renewal rules applies for motorcycle registrations, even though they are not technically cars. Motorcycles must be renewed once a year during a specific month, which is determined by the initial registration year of the vehicle.

How to Renew Car Registration in Florida

Although the rules for renewing car registration may seem complicated, the rules for actually receiving the renewal are very straightforward. Drivers are expected to know the schedule for renewing car registration, but the DMV typically sends out renewal notices with important details. However, the county is not technically required to send a notice, and with how many drivers there are in Florida, it is not uncommon for notices to not be delivered.

It is possible to renew car registration online in Florida by going to the DMV website. Drivers simply provide their names, the last four digits of their Social Security Numbers, their license numbers, their VINs and the transaction numbers located on their most recent registration certificates. Once all the information is submitted, drivers just pay the car registration renewal fees using their credit cards.

The other options are to register at the county tax collector office, or to register through the mail. Drivers may only pursue car registration renewal through the mail if they receive a notification telling them they are eligible. Note that the same information as the online car registration renewal must present on the renewal request forms.

Calculating Florida Car Registration Renewal Fees

Renewing car registration always includes an annual fee. The type of fee is determined by many different factors regarding the vehicle. When determining car registration renewal fees, FLHSMV considers the type of vehicle, how much it weighs, whether the vehicle is owned or leased and for how long the vehicle has been registered. In addition, each county has its own specific fees. When it comes to how to renew expired car registration in Florida, vehicle owners should expect to pay a late fee if they renew vehicle documents past their due dates.