How to Transfer a Car Title in Florida

A car title transfer is necessary whenever a driver purchases a used vehicle. A transfer title following a vehicle sale is the legal documentation that names the driver the legal owner of his or her car. Many drivers may be at a loss of how to transfer car titles when trying to understand the requirements for processing and where to carry out the task, as it is typically handled on their behalves. For more information on transfer of titles, review the following topics:

  • General Transfer Title Process in Florida
  • Documentation Necessary for Transferring Car Titles in Florida
  • Where to Go for Car Title Transfer in Florida

General Transfer Title Process in Florida

A car title transfer paper must be completed between any car seller and vehicle buyer to deem new ownership. There are two main ways in which drivers will obtain cars: through dealerships and via private sales. When drivers buy cars from dealerships, most of the time, the dealerships will take care of the transfer titles and car registration paperwork. Many people find this ideal, because it simplifies what can be a complicated process.

However, a driver does have the option to do the transfer of title on his or her own. Not all drivers can afford to buy cars off the lots of dealerships, and so oftentimes, drivers will obtain cars through secondhand dealers or from private owners. When drivers buy cars from private sellers, they must transfer car titles themselves. Both the owner and the buyer must go down to the County Collections office when transferring car titles in the state of Florida. If a driver currently resides outside of Florida but is moving into the state, he or she may mail the forms to the local county office along with all appropriate forms, required documents and transfer title fees. Depending on if a driver is out-of-state or is using an electronic transfer of title, there may be more steps, forms and fees associated with the process. For more information on specific transferring car title processes, download our free guide.

Documentation Necessary for Transferring Car Titles in Florida

Florida car title transfers request several items of applicants, but what is required is crucial. The three most important items to have on hand when going for a transfer title are: the title registration form completed in either paper or electronic form, the form HSMV 82040 (an insurance form) and payment for fees. Another form of documentation that is helpful to have on hand when transferring car titles is the Lien Satisfaction document. This document lists all information about the car, from the make and model to those who legally are the holders of that document.

If a driver is new to the state, his or her transfer of title application documentation is quite similar. A driver must still have the title registration form, the HSMV 82040 form and payment for car title transfer fees included. Where the documentation required differs is that drivers must have their out-of-state transfer papers, proof of Florida car insurance, a vehicle identification number for the car, and again, payment for all title transfer and registration fees. For an electronic car title transfer, a driver must apply for duplicate forms of the paper title and transfer documents, and then complete title transfer with the seller. A buyer can obtain both of these documents at once by paying a small electronic title transfer fee and submitting the HSMV 82101 form to the local collections office.

Where to Go for Car Title Transfer in Florida

Where to transfer car titles requires visiting the nearest Florida County Collections Office. It is important to go to the local county collections office because all payments are handled through this outpost. Any associated fees for transferring car titles is left to the collections office. This office will also handle the Lien Satisfaction documentation when the car title transfer is underway.

When it comes to a title transfer, do not go to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, as it is not in that division’s jurisdiction to handle any transfer of titles for vehicle owners. A visit to the local DMV for car title transfers in FL will simply be rerouted to the nearest county tax collector.