How to Change the Name on a Florida Car Title

It is quite common for drivers to undergo a Florida car title name change at least once in their lifetimes, whether due to buying a car or selling a vehicle. How to change name on car titles after moving is a common question of drivers, especially the ones who are going through the process to change name on car title papers for the first time. Download our free guide to review the complete requirements for updating name on car titles in Florida, so every step is properly met. For more information on car title name changes in Florida, review the below topics:

  • The Importance of Car Title Name Changes in Florida
  • How to Change Name on Car Titles in Florida
  • Required Documents for Changing Name on Car Title Documents in Florida

The Importance of Car Title Name Changes in Florida

Updating name on car title documents in Florida is an important task as a vehicle owner, because this paperwork proves car ownership. Changing name on car title documents is of utmost importance when a vehicle changes ownership, and this change must be filed with the DMV as soon as possible. If a new car owner does not undergo changing name on car titles, he or she may be accused of stealing the vehicle if pulled over by law enforcement. In addition, to update name on car title papers signifies the final transfer of vehicle ownership. Without a car title name change, the new owner cannot officially own the car. This means that the previous owner could still claim ownership and potentially cause a lot of problems legally and financially for the new owner. Furthermore, many DMV offices only accept a car title as proof of ownership.

Car title name changes are also important when someone gets married or divorced and files a name change. In the state of Florida, a driver is required to update name on car titles any time a legal name change occurs.

How to Change Name on Car Titles in Florida

The process of changing name on car titles in Florida is fairly straightforward. The Florida Highway Safety and Department of Motor Vehicles (FHSDMV) is in charge of making sure drivers meet the required steps for updating name on car titles in Florida. However, before a driver visits the local DMV, he or she must first go to the Social Security Administration (SSA) to update a legal name. A driver cannot proceed with updating name on car title documents if he or she has not updated Social Security information. Make sure to download our guide to review the procedures for filing an SSA name change to ensure it is carried out properly.

From here, drivers can proceed with car title name changes at the nearest vehicle titling office. Once all other required documentation to update car titles has been provided to the clerk, the FL name change application will be processed. After the update name on car title paperwork has been accepted, a driver will have to also update driverand’s licenses. Drivers cannot file these updates online; they must go in person to hand in the car title name change application and accompanying documentation. In addition, a driver cannot complete the forms to change name on car titles over the phone or by mail. Upon filing a vehicle title name change in person, required car title fees must be paid to complete the FL car title name change request.

Required Documents for Changing Name on Car Title Documents in Florida

When changing name on car title papers in Florida, drivers must follow procedures. Updating name on car titles requires identification, applications and payment. Drivers are encouraged to learn which official documents are acceptable by downloading our guide, as per the DMV. Drivers must also note that the documents required for car title name changes may differ in comparison to those needed when filing a name change on car registrations in FL.

All drivers who need to file car title name changes are expected to have their Florida driver licenses or identification cards on hand, along with proof of their current names and their Social Security Numbers. A driver may choose to present a passport, a birth certificate or a naturalization certificate (N-570 or N-550) as an acceptable form of citizenship or legal presence. For drivers who do not have the above listed items, read more about DMV-approved proof of citizenship items.

In order to prove a driverand’s current name, there are a few options, which include marriage licenses, divorce papers and court orders. A driver looking to update name on car titles in FL does not have to bring in a Social Security card in order to prove his or her Social Security Number. Alternative forms that are acceptable are W-2 tax forms or a letter from the Social Security Administration.

What Services Does the Florida DMV Offer?

The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles handles various driver-related services for new and established residents of the state. Through the FL DMV, you can apply for driver’s licensure, car registration documents, vehicle titling and more. Discover how you can get started with any of the aforementioned transactions by downloading our comprehensive Florida DMV guide.

How Can I Complete DMV Transactions in Florida?

Many FL DMV transactions can be completed at a local office in person. However, to maximize convenience, you can also complete various transactions online in minutes. Learn about all the records and reports you can obtain from the comfort of home here.