Florida Driving Records

A DMV driving history record is available for every Florida motorist with a driver’s license. Driving records contain details about a driver’s past violation convictions, demerit points, license restrictions, license endorsements, license status and administrative penalties. It is important to know how to check your driving record to verify the contents for employment prospects, insurance rates and for your personal files. For comprehensive information about driver license services in our free Florida guide. Meanwhile, to find out pertinent information regarding Florida drivers records, review the following sections.

Order Your Florida Driving Record Online

Florida drivers can order driving records online with ease by using a secure third-party service. Simply fill out the digital driving record request form with the necessary information and submit payment for the applicable fee. Online FL driving record orders are fast, easy and convenient. You can order from the comfort of your own home without having to deal with the hassle of waiting in line at your local FLHSMV office. You will receive a report that includes everything from previous driving violations to license status information, directly at your provided address. Click here to order your driving record now.

By Mail

A mail-in driving record request is also available in the state of Florida, but the process can be slow and requires copies of all proper documentation. Applicants will need to fill out a Florida drivers record application form and send it to the Bureau of Records with payment for all applicable fees and the necessary documentation, and then petitioners will need to wait for the bureau to receive the forms and payment before processing can even begin. For applicants who require FL driving records sooner, the online option is the preferred choice.

In Person at a Driver License Office

Motorists can also order driving records in person from a driver license office, tax collector or court clerk that offers this service, but this requires rearranging personal schedules and enduring long wait times. The in-person option is not available at all offices and will demand that a driver have all necessary personal documents in hand to begin the transaction. As such, to avoid all problems that can arise from in-person and mail-in requests, opt to obtain driving records through a trusted third-party service online.

What are Florida driving records?

Motorists conducting a DMV record search will find a detailed report of their driving history as a license holder in the state of Florida. A personal driving record will contain basic identifying information as well as license status, endorsements, restrictions and classification. When drivers check driving record information, they will also find their history of demerit points, traffic violations and accidents. This data is valuable for motorists who need to pay or dispute tickets in Florida.

A drivers license status can be suspended, revoked or cancelled, at which point Florida drivers lose their privileges to operate a motor vehicle. Checking drivers license status will indicate to motorists if they can legally operate a car without consequence. Motorists with suspended driving privileges may need to attend traffic school in Florida to have their license reinstated.

Those who do a driving record lookup in Florida will also be able to view the endorsements. Endorsements usually refer to operation of a motor vehicle for professional purposes, such as delivery service, truck drivers or taxi drivers. Motorists with a CDL endorsement in Florida can view their CDL status, as most commercial driver license holders will need to furnish proof of their driving privileges and commercial classification. Restrictions dictate the limitations of a driver’s privilege, such as use of corrective lenses or a hearing aid as well as driving during daylight hours only.

Also appearing on a driving record search is the accumulation of any demerit points from traffic violation charges. When motorists obtain driving record history from a secure third-party provider, they will see a detailed list of moving violations and the associated points each one is worth. Car accident reports are also displayed on a driving history along with a note if a driver is at-fault.

Florida offers a choice of a three year driving record, a seven year driving record and a 10-year driving record. Each type of record provides a comprehensive history of a driver’s license within three years, seven years and 10 years, respectively, of the processed request date. You can get your copy of a driving record conveniently through a trusted third-party provider.

Who can order a Florida license history?

You can make a driving record request in Florida for your personal history behind the wheel. A periodic driving record check is recommended to help you keep your information accurate and up to date so that mistakes in identity or history cannot compromise your future endeavors. If on a copy of driving record you find an error or incomplete information, you must notify the DMV immediately.

There are several reasons why motorists should order Florida driving records and verify the data. A personal driving record is accessible to employers investigating a current or potential employee. Professions that require an employee to operate a motor vehicle, such as school bus driver or hazmat transporter, may demand a clean driving history in order to continue or begin employment. A DUI criminal record may disqualify a motorist from a specific job.

A Florida driving record is also available to insurance companies. When a motorist has a damaged driving record, auto insurance companies view him or her as a high-risk driver needing more coverage. While there is cheap insurance for bad driving record, accidents and moving violations will raise premium rates. Motorists can find out more about how infractions and driving points affect insurance policy prices by downloading our guide.