Florida Car Insurance Requirements

Having auto insurance in Florida is a mandatory standard for all drivers who own and operate a motor vehicle. While full coverage car insurance is not required in Florida, it is important to have the minimum warranty in order to avoid penalties and traffic tickets for lack of insurance. Florida vehicle insurance requirements are different from those of other states, and those new to the area may need to purchase additional coverage. Learn what types of car insurance are required in Florida and how you can get quotes for coverage by reviewing the following sections.

Get Florida Car Insurance Quotes Online

Getting car insurance quotes is fast and easy when you submit your request online through a secure third-party provider. By simply typing in your ZIP code and a few details about yourself and your vehicle, you can compare car insurance policies from numerous affordable companies within minutes. An online car insurance quote offers you the ease and convenience of shopping around for the best price without having to make multiple phone calls or visit a local car insurance company office. Furthermore, a list of car insurance companies is made available through the provider’s quote tool for you to see every viable option. Click here to get started.

By Phone

Florida residents can also get auto insurance quotes by calling insurance companies one by one. This method requires vehicle owners to speak to various representatives and provide the same details about themselves and their vehicles over and over again. Additionally, to ensure that they receive the best price, drivers will need to note the specifics of each vehicle insurance company’s quote on paper in order to compare them all later on, once all of the calls have been completed. Furthermore, this option limits the customers to only those FL car insurance companies that they know by name. Research will be required to find lesser-known insurance brands that may offer more affordable coverage.

In Person at Car Insurance Offices

Obtaining auto coverage quotes in person is another option available to interested motorists. Drivers can pay visits to their local car insurance companies to speak to representatives about their personal vehicle and how much it would cost to insure it through each company. However, this method is similarly limiting in that customers will likely only visit auto insurance agencies in Florida that they know by name. Additionally, car insurance agency offices may not be located nearby, forcing customers to commute significant distances simply to wait in line to speak to a representative. Furthermore, this process will need to be completed for each company that an individual is interested in receiving a quote from. As such, most motorists prefer to obtain coverage quotes online.

Required Car Insurance Coverage in Florida

Florida vehicle insurance law requires automobiles to have certain level of minimum coverage. Car insurance covers the costs incurred by accidents. When motorists get car insurance in Florida, they must look into the two forms of coverage for bodily injury and damage to other people’s property. Having adequate insurance is a requirement when drivers register cars in Florida.

Car insurance companies in Florida offer different tiers of personal injury protection (PIP). PIP insurance covers the costs of medical bills that occur from treated injuries caused by a car accident, whether you were at-fault or not. Automotive insurance policies of personal injury protection include you as the owner and driver of the car, as well as your children, your household members and specific passengers who lack a PIP policy. A personal injury protection policy may also cover other drivers who you give express permission to drive your car. Drivers can learn more about the DMV requirements in our comprehensive guide.

An auto insurance agency must offer you property damage liability (PDL) coverage when you search for an insurance policy. If a car accident you or your family members cause results in property damage, a PDL policy covers the costs to repair that destruction up to the limit of your contract. Property damage includes wreckage done to another driver’s motor vehicle, destruction of a home or property line, such as a fence.

Florida motorists can get an insurance quote through a reliable third-party service to compare prices and find the best fit for their needs.

Other Types of Florida Vehicle Insurance

Another kind of auto insurance drivers can acquire but Florida state law does not require is bodily injury liability (BIL). BIL car insurance covers severe and permanent injury or death inflicted on others in an accident that was the insured driver’s fault. Drivers who get car insurance with a BIL policy will also receive legal representation if they are sued for the injuries or death caused by the accident. However, some drivers may need BIL if they have received a DUI conviction.

Florida law allows drivers to opt out of car coverage and instead hold a certificate of self-insurance. It is recommended motorists buy auto insurance though because self-coverage requires proof of a satisfactory net worth minimum and puts all financial responsibility on the driver. Florida drivers can find cheap auto insurance by using a secure third-party provider to get a quote.

How much coverage is required from Florida auto insurance?

In Florida, personal injury protection vehicle coverage requires a minimum policy of $10,000 insurance. Auto insurance companies offer higher amounts of coverage for drivers who want to insure themselves for more potential damage. The minimum PIP auto insurance policy covers up to $10,000-worth of costs incurred from injury done to the driver or his or her passengers in a car accident, regardless of fault status. Motorists who do not meet this threshold will not be able to renew car registration in Florida.

The property damage liability car coverage requirement in FL is also a minimum of $10,000. An auto insurance agency may offer policies that cover more than the minimum requirement for drivers who want coverage that applies to higher cost damage. The minimum PDL insurance extends to $10,000-worth of destruction caused to another driver’s car, house or property damage induced by a crash that was the insured driver’s fault. To learn what happens following an accident in Florida, check out our digital guide.