Visitors Driving in Florida

There are regularly many visitors driving in Florida year-round, as it is one of the most popular locations in the country, with tourists from other states, as well as from other countries vacationing regularly. A common question regarding a trip to Florida is, “Can I drive in Florida with a foreign license?” Even drivers from the United States have their own questions regarding how driving in Florida with out of state licenses actually works. There are many specific driving laws regarding visitors driving in Florida, as well as how long someone has to be in Florida before they are considered a resident. The rules for foreign nationals driving in Florida are relatively straightforward, but there are a couple of things drivers are expected to know before arriving in the state, which can be discovered by downloading our free guide. More information regarding the general rules for visitor driving requirements in Florida is covered in the following areas:

  • Driving Rules for Foreign Nationals Driving in Florida
  • Visitors Driving in Florida from Other U.S. States
  • Getting a Florida Driver License

Driving Rules for Foreign Nationals Driving in Florida

Overall, the rules regarding foreign nationals driving in Florida are not very strict. The number one question that foreign nationals have regarding a visit to Florida is, “Can I drive in Florida with a foreign license?” The simple answer is, yes, driving in Florida with foreign licenses is completely fine, as long as the foreign license is up-to-date and the driver can prove it was issued from a valid source.

Another possible complication with driving in Florida with foreign license is actually finding a vehicle. In most situations, foreign drivers should be able to rent vehicles without any issues. However, it is strongly recommended that foreign drivers first call whichever rental agency they plan to use. Legally speaking, foreign nationals driving in Florida is allowed, but there may be some rental agencies that do not accept a foreign driving license as proper identification for renting a vehicle. If foreign drivers are visiting friends and plan on using vehicles their friends own, then there will not be any issues with them driving in Florida with foreign license for the duration of their trip.

Visitors Driving in Florida From Other U.S. States

Driving in Florida with out of state licenses is actually a little more complicated than driving with a license from another country, since learners permits must also be taken into consideration. Visitors driving in Florida can use out-of-state drivers licenses like they would in their home states. However, drivers with learners permits must obey the same rules as though they were driving with a Florida learners permit. In some situations, this may not change anything, but depending on where the driver is coming from, the rules may vary.

Visitor driving requirements for out-of-state learners permits allow drivers only to operate motor vehicles until 10 p.m. In addition, visitors driving in Florida with learners permits are also required to have a licensed adult driver in the front passenger seat. Drivers are considered adults as long as they are at least 21 years old.

Anyone driving in Florida with out of state licenses is also required to obey the Move Over Law. The Move Over Law states that drivers must slowdown 20 miles below the speed limit whenever they are driving on two-lane roadways. Visitors driving in Florida must also move out of the lane at the safest possible opportunity if there is an emergency or a police vehicle approaching from the same direction.

Visitors driving in Florida are also able to use their disabled parking permits, even if they were issued from other state or county locations.

Getting a Florida Driver’s License

New residents in Florida are still considered visitors driving in Florida for a certain amount of time. These rules may seem confusing, but they are intended to give new residents the chance to get drivers licenses without feeling rushed, since moving is already a very involved process. Driving in Florida with out of state licenses is fine for new residents for the first month. After 30 days of being a Florida resident, residents are required to get a Florida driver license. Read more about out-of-state conversions to in-state drivers licenses by downloading our guide.

The visitor driving requirements in Florida determine who is considered a Florida resident. Anyone who has children enrolled in a public school, is registered to vote in the state, has filed for a homestead exemption or has accepted employment within the state is considered a resident. In addition, for visitors driving in Florida, the requirements state that anyone that has spent more than six months in Florida is considered a resident, even if they do not meet any of the other resident requirements.

What Services Does the Florida DMV Offer?

The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles handles various driver-related services for new and established residents of the state. Through the FL DMV, you can apply for driver’s licensure, car registration documents, vehicle titling and more. Discover how you can get started with any of the aforementioned transactions by downloading our comprehensive Florida DMV guide.

How Can I Complete DMV Transactions in Florida?

Many FL DMV transactions can be completed at a local office in person. However, to maximize convenience, you can also complete various transactions online in minutes. Learn about all the records and reports you can obtain from the comfort of home here.