Veteran Drivers in Florida

Many motorists may wonder, “What is a veteran designation on a driver’s license in Florida?” if they are seeking information on the driver’s license application process. A driver’s license veteran designation in Florida is available to military service members who have completed service and have an honorable discharge status. Additionally, a Florida veteran’s identification card is also available for those veterans who cannot or do not want to obtain a driving license. Veterans may also meet requirements for veteran’s license plates offered by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. To learn more about veteran designation on license credentials or other veteran DMV documentation, veterans can continue reading the sections below.

What is a veteran designation on a driver’s license in Florida?

A veteran designation on driver’s license in Florida provides recognition for former active duty military members who meet the requirements for a Florida driver’s license. A veteran designation on license can help veterans take advantage of discounts and benefits that vendors may offer. This official veteran classification on driver’s license simplifies veteran verification for many benefits, so veterans no longer have to produce military paperwork at participating merchants. To begin the veteran driver’s license application process in Florida you will first need to obtain verification of your service. This service verification can be obtained through the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs if you do not have a copy of your discharge papers. For purposes of the driver’s license veteran designation, former service members must have received a discharge for service that does not include dishonorable discharge, failure to comply or abandonment of duty.

For veterans who served before 1950, you can process your veteran designation on license with the documents you were provided at the end of your service. Additionally, when looking to apply for your driver’s license veteran designation if you do not have a current driver’s license or an ID card that was issued before 2010, you must bring approved identification documents to complete the process. One document that can be used to verify your identity is your official U.S. birth certificate.

When you are ready to apply for veteran driver’s designation, you must appear in person at a local DMV or tax collector office. This in person process only applies to veterans who are seeking veteran designation for Florida license for the first time. When you want to renew your veteran driver classification, you can do so online. However, if you change your name, you must return to the DMV or tax collector office to replace your veteran driving license.

The fee for veteran designation on license documents will depend on each veteran’s particular circumstances. For veterans who are disabled during service, veteran driver’s license designation is available at no charge. However, disabled veterans must meet requirements that classify them as completely disabled according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

The veteran driver’s classification fee also depends on where you choose to apply. The tax collector’s office may charge a service fee for processing applications. Additionally, a one-time payment for the veteran’s designation on license credentials is required. If you need to replace your veteran driver’s license, you will also need to pay a fee for replacement.

How to Get a Veterans ID Card in Florida

An FL veterans identification card is another method veterans can easily obtain benefits and verify veteran status for discounts and advantages offered for service in the U.S. Armed Forces. You can obtain a veterans ID card in Florida if you do not want to obtain a veteran driving license endorsement or you cannot obtain a driver’s license. If you have a driving license with a veteran designation, you must surrender the credentials before applying for a state ID card with a veteran classification. The veteran ID card application process involves providing verification of identity, residence and veteran status.

How to Get a Veteran License Plate in Florida

Veteran license plates in Florida vary in design and eligibility requirements. You can choose from standard plates or customize your veteran license plate through your local Florida tax collector office when completing the car registration process. Requirements for veterans license plates in Florida issued through the tax collector office include submitting the proper application form that matches the veteran designation. Depending on the type of license plate and the branch of service, you can obtain the proper applications through your local tax collector office or online. If you are looking to obtain a veteran classification for your license plate that includes a distinguished metal, such as a Purple Heart, Silver Star or other metal, you must submit through the Division of Motorist services. Depending in the different requirements for veterans license plates, you can complete this process in person or by mail.

Fees for veteran license plates are assessed based on your vehicle. For larger vehicles a larger fee is assessed. However, if you wish to obtain a disabled veteran license plate there is a separate application process.  Requirements for veteran’s license plates for disabled veterans do not include an assessed fee.