Senior Road Safety Tips In FL

Seniors seeking safe driving tips in Florida can improve their performance on the road by studying common driving issues facing Florida’s increasing senior citizen population. Taking a FL mature driver education course can help senior drivers identify vision, cognitive and functioning issues that may impair safe driving performance early enough to delay these changes having a serious impact on their driving abilities. Many companies offer car insurance discounts for seniors who take these courses or meet other requirements for mature driver discounts. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) provides information on senior driving services, such as information about taking a mature driver improvement course in FL and extensive tips on how to drive a car safely in Florida after 55 years of age. Senior motorists can continue reading the sections below for more information, including how to know when it is time to surrender drivers license credentials and how to cancel a car insurance policy.

Driving Safety Tips in Florida

If you are wondering how to become a safer driver in FL during your senior years, staying up-to-date with safe driving tips can help improve your performance behind the wheel. Knowledge of road safety rules can diminish over time after completing the original driving exam process, and you can place yourself at risk unless you take proactive measures to stay informed. Safe driving techniques begin with remaining physically active and addressing any health issues that can impact safe driving. If you need advice on how to drive a car safely with certain limitations, talk to your doctor. Safe driving techniques can often be matter of correcting arthritis, vision or hearing difficulties or obtaining physical or occupational therapy to correct a lack of flexibility or coordination.

While seniors typically obey driving safety rules and laws, such as wearing seatbelts and not speeding, other limitations can negatively impact safe driving behavior. Senior road safety tips in FL include being aware of how medications affect you. Taking a hands-on, interactive driving safety course can provide helpful tips on obtaining assistive devices or other aids to make driving safer and more comfortable.

Mature Driver Courses in Florida

Taking a mature driver improvement course in Florida can help seniors refresh their knowledge of traffic laws and safe driving skills. A driving course for seniors list provided by the Florida Department of Transportation or the Florida DHSMV helps connect seniors with driving education programs specially designed to help aging motorists. Some mature driving lessons help seniors identify deficiencies in driving ability, while others help mature drivers learn if their current vehicle is a good fit for their physical needs. Mature driver program locations are available throughout the state of Florida. Investing in a mature driver improvement course not only improves safety on the road, but it can often help senior citizen save money through auto insurance discounts.

Senior Car Insurance Discounts in FL

Car insurance discounts for seniors in Florida can be awarded for several different reasons. FL senior car insurance quotes are often less expensive than those for younger drivers because older drivers tend to engage in fewer risky behaviors and spend less time behind the wheel overall. Discounted auto insurance for seniors can sometimes be obtained by installing a vehicle diagnostic device to monitor driving performance, with good driving rewarded by reduced auto insurance premiums. Discount auto insurance for seniors in Florida is also obtained by proving that you drive under a certain number of miles each year. Learn more about car insurance discounts for seniors and other drivers when you review our online guide.

How to Surrender Your Drivers License in Florida

It can be difficult to talk to seniors about how to surrender drivers license credentials, but families must have this conversation with elderly relatives to protect all motorists and passengers. Although some seniors surrender driving license documents voluntarily after becoming disoriented while driving or being involved in too many minor accidents, others resist it strongly. A senior’s voluntary surrender of driving license credentials is a major life event, but sometimes it is the only option to keep everyone safe. When Florida seniors surrender driving license privileges, it is an easy task performed at any DHSMV office or by mail. Elderly former drivers with a surrendered driver’s license for seniors should learn how to obtain a Florida photo ID card to use for identification purposes. If you are the relative or friend of a senior citizen who refuses to surrender drivers license credentials despite evidence of unsafe driving, you may contact the DHSMV and request a medical review process.

How to Cancel Your Car Insurance in Florida

Cancelling car insurance in Florida is an easy process that must follow the decision to stop driving. Seniors cancellation of vehicle insurance in FL must happen after cancelling car registration, to avoid fines and penalties for not having insurance coverage on the vehicle. Steps to cancel your car insurance begin by visiting your local DHSMV office or tax collector’s office to cancel your car registration. Then, cancel car insurance policy coverage by contacting your insurance agent in person or by phone. Agents  will explain how to cancel car insurance after deciding to stop driving.