How to Replace a Drivers License in Florida

It is very important to replace lost drivers licenses soon after an incident, since Florida drivers are unable to legally  operate motor vehicles without their credentials. In addition, most drivers rely on their drivers licenses as their primary sources of identification. Before getting a drivers license replacement in FL, it is recommended to report the drivers license as missing with both the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) as well as to local law enforcement. Reporting a lost drivers license is not technically part of the process to receive a drivers license replacement, but it greatly reduces the chance of someone finding the stolen drivers license and using it to commit identity theft. In addition, drivers that report the missing license can get a drivers license copy free of charge from the DMV office. More information regarding how to replace lost drivers licenses in Florida is covered in the following areas:

  • Online Drivers License Replacement in Florida
  • Replace Drivers Licenses in Person in Florida
  • Replace Lost Drivers License From Out of State in Florida

Online Drivers License Replacement in Florida

Applying for a FL drivers license replacement online is the most convenient method available to drivers. Most drivers can use the Florida DHSMV website to order a duplicate drivers license, but non-immigrant drivers who are in the county, such as for work or for school, may only apply in person at a DMV office. To replace lost drivers licenses in Florida online is a straightforward process.

The first step is to replacing a lost drivers license online in FL is to create an account on the website – if the driver does not already have a preexisting account. In order to create an account to get a Florida drivers license replacements, drivers are required to submit some identification and credential details. On the website, drivers may choose to use their driver license numbers, their vehicle identification numbers (VINs) or their Florida license plate numbers. Before applying to replace drivers licenses, drivers must also submit personal information items, which can be found by downloading our free guide. Once all the information has been correctly entered, drivers must pay a small fee to receive a drivers license copy in Florida. In most situations, a FL drivers license replacement takes two to four weeks to receive.

Replace Drivers Licenses in Person in Florida

Receiving an in-person FL drivers license copy requires bringing several items to the DHSMV office, but it is the quickest way to receive a drivers license replacement in Florida. Unlike with the online system to replace licenses, drivers receive their new licenses directly from the office on the same day they fill out the forms. When requesting a FL driver’s license replacement, drivers must make an appointment with the nearest DHSMV office.

The first item drivers must bring is something that has their identification. Since drivers do not have a drivers license copy to use, they must have copies of their birth certificates or their original passports. Some drivers may be able to use official school IDs if the card has their picture on it. Drivers must also bring an item that has their Social Security Numbers in order to get a drivers license replacement in Florida. Many drivers use their Social Security cards, their W-2 forms or their recent paycheck stubs.

To replace lost drivers licenses in Florida, the next required item is proof of residency, in the forms of two documents that prove drivers are legal Florida residents through acceptable forms of Florida residency. Next, drivers must present proof of legal name if a recent name change was implemented. At this time, these drivers should update drivers licenses with new legal names as well.

Once all of the documents for a drivers license replacement in Florida have been presented, drivers must pay a small fee. In addition to the normal fee to replace lost drivers licenses, drivers must pay an additional service fee for in-person DMV assistance.

Out of State Replacement Driver’s License in Florida

To replace drivers licenses in Florida when out of state is a bit more complicated. Drivers cannot request drivers license replacements until they physically return to Florida, even if traveling. However, a driver can request a temporary drivers license copy to use until he or she can get to Florida. The temporary duplicate drivers license lasts for 90 days. Drivers may apply to replace licenses temporarily either online, by mail or over the phone.