How to Renew a Drivers License in Florida

Drivers may renew drivers licenses through the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) using several different methods. Florida requires drivers to have valid and current licenses to operate motor vehicles. Drivers have a choice in renewing drivers licenses by using one of three methods: online, in person or by mail. Drivers must supply required DMV documents and pay the appropriate fees for renewals. To learn how to renew drivers licenses in FL, read more in the topics listed below:

  • What documents are required to renew licenses in Florida?
  • Renew Drivers License Online in Florida
  • Drivers License Renewal for Military Members in Florida
  • How to Renew Expired Drivers Licenses in Florida
  • Renew Driving Licenses When 80 and Older in Florida

What documents are required to renew licenses in Florida?

When renewing drivers licenses in Florida in person, drivers must bring essential documents to their DHSMV locations. To renew licenses in FL, be prepared to provide proof of identification, a valid Social Security card, proof of legal presence or citizenship and proof of residence in Florida. Remember to bring the drivers license renewal fee as well.

Renew Drivers License Online in Florida

The DMV allows drivers to renew licenses in FL online through the stateand’s official website. allows users to pay for the drivers license renewal fees online with acceptable forms of payment. Before the drivers license renewal, the site allows drivers to check their drivers license statuses. It then verifies the user is accessing his or her own information by requiring the input of specific data, such as a birth date, an address, a Florida license plate number and a Social Security Number. Renew drivers license online to completion by simply following the website prompts.

Drivers License Renewal for Military Members in Florida

Renewing drivers licenses can be a little more difficult for military members and their families when they are deployed overseas or are out of state. However, in Florida, drivers may renew licenses as many as 18 months prior to expiration. Drivers license renewals should be done prior to leaving the country whenever possible. If out of state or overseas, military personnel and their families may still renew driving licenses by mail, since online or in person may not be suitable options. Download our free guide for by-mail license renewal instructions for military members. For a drivers license renewal, these drivers first need to check their drivers license statuses online and, if eligible, download the application for renewal. They must also have a digital image license to do so. When they cannot renew drivers licenses by mail, it may be possible to obtain a military extension card to extend the date of license expiration.

How to Renew Expired Drivers Licenses in Florida

If drivers license renewal deadlines are missed for whatever reason, drivers in Florida can still renew licenses, so long as credentials are in good standing, and the driver does not have a suspended license. To renew expired drivers licenses in Florida is simple, but applicants will incur two types of fees: a delinquent fee and the typical renewal fee. The drivers license renewal delinquent fee is in place to discourage drivers from allowing licenses to expire, as driving without current credentials is illegal in Florida, and in all 50 U.S. states.

The process to renew expired drivers licenses is the same as renewing an unexpired license. As long as drivers who renew licenses that have expired are prepared to pay the added fee, they can carry out the process in whichever method is most convenient: online, by mail or in person at a Florida DMV office.

Renew Driving Licenses When 80 and Older in Florida

Renewing drivers licenses in Florida as a senior citizen who is age 80 or older means meeting additional requirements. To renew drivers licenses when elderly, drivers must pass vision tests, which are conducted at the nearest DMV location free of charge. Or, the applicant can elect to take the eye exam with his or her own eye doctor. If an eye test is completed outside of the DMV for renewing drivers licenses, a physician must complete a Mature Driver Vision Test Form and submit it to the DHSMV. Note that the doctor must meet DHSMV qualification requirements and practice medicine in Florida for any test results to be accepted.

Finally, to perform a proper drivers license renewal, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) in Florida requires that drivers who are 80 years of age and older visit a driver license office in person to complete the process and to pay the appropriate fees.

What Services Does the Florida DMV Offer?

The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles handles various driver-related services for new and established residents of the state. Through the FL DMV, you can apply for driver’s licensure, car registration documents, vehicle titling and more. Discover how you can get started with any of the aforementioned transactions by downloading our comprehensive Florida DMV guide.

How Can I Complete DMV Transactions in Florida?

Many FL DMV transactions can be completed at a local office in person. However, to maximize convenience, you can also complete various transactions online in minutes. Learn about all the records and reports you can obtain from the comfort of home here.