How to Get a Voter Registration in Florida

Voter registration in Florida allows a person to be eligible to vote in elections, both locally and nationally in the U.S. Rules regarding voting registration can vary from one county to the next, and from one state to another, but in general, to register to vote, all jurisdictions agree that new voters must be at least 18 years of age, and citizens of the U. S. Most counties allow open voter registration up until 29 days before a vote will take place. To learn more about how to register to vote in Florida and what is involved with updating a voter registration card, select from the topics below:

  • How to Register to Vote in Florida
  • How to Change Party Affiliation on Florida Voter Registration
  • How to Update Florida Voting Registration Cards

How to Register to Vote in Florida

Voting registration in Florida begins with residency. A person cannot register to vote in a county in which he or she does not currently live. Residency must be proven by either providing a drivers license or a utility bill with the individual’s name and address on it. Second, in order to get a voter registration card, the potential voter must certify and prove that he or she is a valid U.S. citizen, which can be confirmed by downloading our free guide. Noncitizens are not allowed to vote in any elections in the U.S. Those who are green card holders are allowed to live and work in the U.S., but since they are not citizens, will not be issued a voter registration card. In addition, FL voter registration cards are not issued to the mentally ill or to those who have been convicted of criminal offenses.

When registering to vote, Florida residents who do not have a drivers license number or a state ID card can provide the last four numbers on their Social Security cards as proof of identity.

Most counties in Florida offer residents the ability to register to vote in a number of ways. Florida voting registration applications can be obtained from the local supervisor of elections, which is usually affiliated with local DMV offices. These can simply be mailed in, and the voter registration card will be mailed to the applicant’s address on file. Residents can also register to vote online as long as they have access to a computer with an internet connection. In many jurisdictions, public libraries offer the required paperwork, or can assist residents in learning how to register to vote, along with helping to submit voter registration card applications.

Many worry when filling out the voter registration application that their information will be compromised or made public. The only items that are a matter of public record is an applicant’s name, his or her voting district and the party affiliation of choice. All other information is kept strictly confidential. Note that purposely falsifying information on a voter registration application has severe penalties, which can include fines and jail time.

When voting registration in Florida is complete, the voter registration card is mailed to the applicant. The card should arrive within two weeks after submission of the application.

How to Change Party Affiliation on Florida Voter Registration

Any Florida resident who is able to register to vote is asked to select his or her party affiliation at the time of application. Florida is considered to be a closed state for primaries, which means that only registered party members can vote in the primary to select a candidate to run in an election. Voting registration cardholders can update their party affiliations by obtaining another voter registration application and making the amendment directly on the application. There is a spot for party updates on this application. Turn the new voter registration paperwork in at the Supervisor of Elections, same as before. No changes will be allowed to be made to party affiliations if the voter waits until the last week or so of an election. All changes must be made 29 days prior to any type of election.

How to Update Florida Voting Registration Cards

Voting registration cards can be updated in Florida if the individual needs to change his or her name, address or needs to get a replacement voting card. Updates can be made by obtaining the voter registration application form, and simply placing in the new information in the indicated areas. Another option is to go into the Supervisor of Elections office and have a representative make the changes in the office while the individual supplies the information. Any address changes made to a voter registration card must have proof that shows the change of address.

Voter registration cards that need to be updated with a name change must be done in person, providing documentation that shows the change (marriage and/or divorce certificates or court orders). The changes can be made by mail (not online), but copies of the verification documents must be provided in the written notice.