Driving Exams in Florida

Drivers tests in Florida serve to ensure that new drivers know how to operate motor vehicles properly prior to getting behind the wheel. In addition, driving tests ensure that young drivers know the Florida road rules and traffic laws necessary to drive safely throughout the state. To learn more about the DMV drivers tests for FL learners permits or the road skills test, as well as other drivers license exams required, select from the following topics:

  • Florida Driving Practice Test for Learners Permits
  • DMV Practice Test for Road Skills Test in Florida
  • Other Drivers Exams Required in Florida

Florida Driving Practice Test for Learners Permits

DMV driving practice tests are offered to assist those who are trying to prepare to take the written drivers test for their learners permits. Additionally, new drivers who have yet to take the learners permit test should be aware that they will also be required to pass a vision screening test. There is no age limit for those taking the online practice driving test, but the driver must be at least 15 before being allowed to take the actual learners permit written drivers test in Florida.

For both the written drivers test and the DMV drivers test, The Florida DHSMV (Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles) offers a study guide. DMV driving practice tests are best accompanied by proper studying materials. Download our guide to read more about what to look for in an authentic FL DMV practice test.

DMV Practice Test for Road Skills Test in Florida

Everything drivers must know to pass their drivers license tests is covered in the DMV exam guide. The Florida drivers test guide can offer theoretical information on rules and regulations, but actually applying that information and knowledge must be done in-person, and on the road. The state of Florida requires new drivers to spend at least 50 hours behind the wheel training on all types of roadways and in differing conditions. At least 10 of those behind-the-wheel hours must be done at night. In order to take the drivers test, the student must prove that he or she has taken the required courses, and put in the required driving hours.

Practice for driving tests on the road can be done with a licensed driver. The DMV may offer a list of potential routes, but most drivers test courses take place in an area not too far from the DMV office. Drivers practicing for the drivers license tests should learn physical driving techniques and signals that will indicate to the examiner that drivers have a good understanding of the basic operations of a vehicle, and of the rules and regulations in Florida. Most who would like to take a DMV driving practice test before the real drivers exam can arrange to do so through the local office, or by contacting their drivers ed instructors. Most drivers ed instructors are very aware of the routes that are taken by the DMV officer who gives the road test, and can offer information on how to practice.

Other Drivers Exams Required in Florida

The Florida DMV exam guide lists all other driver ed test requirements, aside from the written and driving tests. For the learners permit in Florida, drivers are required to pass a vision test, and in some areas, a hearing test. Some counties require that proof of insurance be presented before the driver is allowed to take the drivers test on the road, so it is a good idea to either make sure to take proof of auto coverage along on the day of the driving exam, or to call the DMV office to inquire.

FL DMV practice tests benefit new drivers the most when they are practicing to take their written drivers tests for their permits. These are all computer-based, so learning on a computer based-system is a distinct advantage. If the driver is testing for a CDL license, or a motorcycle-only license, then there are FL DMV practice tests designed specifically for these types of drivers. CDL license exams have their own driving tests and additional requirements, which are more in depth than those required for a regular license.