How to Change the Name on a Florida Drivers License

A DMV name change in Florida requires following several steps. How to change name on drivers licenses, begins with the owner of the license meeting certain requirements, as well as filling out the necessary forms. In addition, a name change for drivers license has to be completed within a certain number of days of the initial name change. Due to this fact, changing name on drivers licenses in FL actually requires a little bit of planning, otherwise drivers may miss their windows of opportunity, which can complicate the process. More information regarding how to change name on drivers licenses in Florida is covered in the following areas:

  • Social Security Administration Name Changes in Florida
  • Requirements for Name Change on Licenses in Florida
  • Changing Name on Drivers Licenses in Florida
  • DMV Name Changes for Out of State Military Members in Florida

Social Security Administration Name Changes in Florida

How to change name on drivers licenses in Florida begins with the Social Security Administration (SSA). Before any person is allowed to complete a name change on drivers licenses, he or she is first required to report the legal name change to the SSA. To begin the process of a DMV name change request, drivers may either visit the SSA in person, or they can send all the necessary documents in by mail. Review the complete requirements for an SSA name change by downloading our free guide to ensure the process goes smoothly. Applicants can print certain documents from the SSA website to complete, which is oftentimes faster than waiting for the documents to arrive in the mail.

Once a legal name change request is finalized in the SSA database, drivers can move on to applying for name change on licenses to drive in Florida at their local DMV offices.

Requirements for Name Change on Licenses in Florida

How to change name on drivers licenses in FL requires having quite a few different documents on hand. Name change DMV forms first require a document that has the applicant’s new, legal name on it. Which documents drivers use for their name change for drivers license is completely dependent on why a name was changed. For example, one of the most common documents for name changes is a marriage certificate. Take the time to read about other acceptable name change documents to authenticate the change of name request.

A name change for drivers licenses in Florida requires two other types of required documents. First, drivers must have something that acts as a proof of the name being changed. Most drivers will either use their old drivers licenses, or their passports, but drivers can use any type of state-issued ID card, as long as it has the correct name and a picture of the driver. The other item required for this part of the drivers license name change is something that shows the driver is a legal United States citizen. Most drivers use a birth certificate for this part of the name change application, but others may use a certificate of citizenship or naturalization to fulfill the requirements. Prior to applying for a DMV name change, confirm the acceptable proof of legal presence documents.

Changing Name on Drivers Licenses in Florida

A DMV name change must happen quickly following an SSA name change, as drivers only have 10 days to complete their name change on licenses in Florida. However, the name change DMV request cannot even be started before the SSA application has gone through.

When preparing for the steps to change names at the DMV, drivers must note that the process is only possible to complete in person. DMV name changes in Florida cannot be processed online, by phone or through the mail. Instead, changing your name at the DMV must occur at the nearest licensing office. A name change on licenses in Florida requires applicants to bring the aforementioned required documents. In addition, review the proof of Social Security documents acceptable at the DMV in our free, downloadable guide, as well as proof of residency options. The final DMV name change requirement is to pay the applicable fee.

While processing a DMV name change, it is equally as important to file a car registration name change, so have this document on hand as well. Most DMV offices in Florida allow drivers to update several documents at once. For those who need to also update car title information, have the current vehicle title paperwork handy. Changing names on car titles is extremely important, as these documents serve as proof of vehicle ownership, and must be up-to-date and accurate at all times.

DMV Name Changes for Out of State Military Members in Florida

The DMV name change process is simplified for members of the military stationed outside of Florida. Conveniently, DMV name changes online are offered to drivers who are military members. Drivers must email the Florida Division of Drivers Licenses online to request the documents. Prior to the name change on licenses in Florida, research the required ID documents for military members that must be sent to the DMV to accompany the request. These drivers must have copies of their identification on hand to complete the process. Once they send proof of identification, they can complete the update.

What Services Does the Florida DMV Offer?

The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles handles various driver-related services for new and established residents of the state. Through the FL DMV, you can apply for driver’s licensure, car registration documents, vehicle titling and more. Discover how you can get started with any of the aforementioned transactions by downloading our comprehensive Florida DMV guide.

How Can I Complete DMV Transactions in Florida?

Many FL DMV transactions can be completed at a local office in person. However, to maximize convenience, you can also complete various transactions online in minutes. Learn about all the records and reports you can obtain from the comfort of home here.