How to Obtain a Motorcycle Endorsement in Florida

A license for motorcycle operation only can be obtained in the state of Florida, but many motorcycle drivers choose to get something called an endorsement, instead. A motorcycle endorsement is an extra certification added to an existing FL drivers license. Applying for motorcycle license endorsement in Florida is fairly straightforward as long as applicants follow the Department of Motor Vehicles and (DMV) motorcycle endorsement protocol. Learn more about Florida motorcycle licenses through the following topics:

  • Why Florida Motorcycle Drivers License Endorsements Exist
  • Eligibility Requirements for a Florida Motorcycle Endorsement in Florida
  • Florida DMV Motorcycle License Classes and Tests
  • Transferring an Out-of-State Motorcycle Endorsement in Florida
  • Applying for Motorcycle License Endorsements in Florida

Why Florida Motorcycle Drivers License Endorsements Exist

A motorcycle license, or endorsement, is required for motorcycle drivers in the state of Florida for safety purposes. Florida motorcycle drivers licenses (motorcycle-only licenses) or FL motorcycle endorsements are required for those who intend to operate motorcycles and scooter-like vehicles that have engines larger than 50 cc, regardless of whether those vehicles have three wheels or two. FL full bike licenses allow drivers to list their motorcycle certifications on their standard Florida Class E driving licenses instead of carrying two separate licenses.

Eligibility Requirements for Motorcycle Endorsement in Florida

The motorcycle license requirements and those for motorcycle endorsements are nearly identical. However, to be eligible for a motorcycle endorsement to drive motorcycles in Florida, the motorcycle driver must already hold a Class E drivers license, which allows holders to drive personal cars in Florida. An applicant for a motorbike driving license endorsement in Florida must also be at least 16 years of age. Minors under the age of 16 are not allowed to operate motorcycles, ATVs or other motorized scooters in Florida.

Florida DMV Motorcycle License Classes and Tests

Florida motorcycle endorsement applicants do not have to retake general knowledge tests or standard road tests for cars, because they already hold Class E driving licenses. However, those looking to get motorcycle license endorsements in Florida must pass the Basic Rider Course (BRC) exam. BRC exams cover all the information that motorbike driving license endorsement applicants need to know to ensure the safety of themselves and others. Course instructors may review everything from the parts of a motorcycle to necessary hand signals and all of Florida’s motorcycle-related laws. The BRC is administered upon completion of the Florida Rider Training Program (FRTP). FRTP authorized sponsors are course administrators who are certified and governed by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). There are many FRTP locations across the state where motorcycle enthusiasts can sign up for the FRTP and eventually take their BRC exams. Motorcycle drivers who would like a list of authorized FRTP course facilities can contact any DHSMV office.

Transferring an Out-of-State Motorcycle Endorsement in Florida

A motorcycle endorsement from another state is typically honored in Florida. Motorcycle drivers license endorsement transfer fees must be paid to make endorsements official and to allow drivers to operate motorcycles within state lines, but no further testing is generally required. The requirement to pass the BRC is typically waived.

As of 2017, the only state motorcycle license endorsement that is not honored in Florida is an Alabama endorsement. Former Alabama residents who have moved to Florida must participate in the FRTP and present proof that they passed the BRC exam before they can be presented with a valid endorsement for operating motorcycles in Florida.

Applying for Motorcycle License Endorsements in Florida

Filing a motorcycle endorsement application can be done at any DHSMV office in Florida. Applying for motorcycle licenses or endorsements can also be done at any Florida tax collector and office, but additional fees will apply for filing an application at a tax collector and office location.

Every applicant filing a license for motorcycle operation or endorsement application must meet the DMV requirements. In the case of endorsement applicants, a Class E driving license and a certificate of BRC completion is mandatory. Other verifying documents that support the motorcycle drivers license applicant’s identity are also required.

After presenting all the required documentation, the motorcycle license endorsement applicant must pay the motorcycle licensing fee and the separate endorsement fee, as well as the fee for filing at a tax collector and office, if applicable. The exact fee amounts are subject to change, and should be checked prior to visiting a licensing office. Interested motorcycle drivers license applicants can call any DHSMV office to inquire about current motorcycle licensing fees. After all necessary paperwork is presented and fees are paid, a temporary Florida motorcycle license will be issued. That temporary license will be valid until the motorbike endorsement holder receives the official endorsed license. The new Class E drivers license that features the motorcycle endorsement will be mailed to the endorsement holder several days later.

What Services Does the Florida DMV Offer?

The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles handles various driver-related services for new and established residents of the state. Through the FL DMV, you can apply for driver’s licensure, car registration documents, vehicle titling and more. Discover how you can get started with any of the aforementioned transactions by downloading our comprehensive Florida DMV guide.

How Can I Complete DMV Transactions in Florida?

Many FL DMV transactions can be completed at a local office in person. However, to maximize convenience, you can also complete various transactions online in minutes. Learn about all the records and reports you can obtain from the comfort of home here.