How to Obtain a Commercial Driver’s License in Florida

Getting a commercial drivers license (CDL) in Florida is a requirement for drivers who intend to operate tractor/trailer vehicles weighing over 26,000 pounds. In order to obtain a commercial drivers license in Florida, there are several important pieces of information that interested drivers need to know. Below, find more CDL information covering the following topics:

  • CDL License Requirements in Florida
  • CDL Online Information for Study Purposes in Florida
  • How to Get a Commercial Driver’s License in Person in Florida
  • CDL Drivers License Renewal in Florida

CDL License Requirements in Florida

There are several basic CDL license requirements that must be met for a Florida Driver to become licensed to drive commercial vehicles. The most basic requirements for CDL licenses are: proof of residency, age, name and address. Paperwork necessary may include Social Security cards, birth certificates and recent utility bills.

Florida CDL license applicants must take a series of exams to become properly licensed. All necessary exam and licensing fees must also be paid before a Florida CDL will be issued.

In addition to testing concerns, Florida CDL license requirements also include age and residency regulations. The process of how to get a commercial drivers license cannot be started until the CDL applicant is at least 18 years of age and has already obtained a standard, non-commercial Class E driver’s license. CDL drivers license holders in Florida must be at least 21 years of age in order to obtain CDLs that allow them to drive commercial vehicles across state lines. Drivers between the ages of 18 and 21 and can only use their CDLs to drive within the state of Florida.

Getting a commercial drivers license also involves special procedures for HAZMAT endorsement in cases where CDL DMV applicants plan to transport hazardous materials. Even if a Florida CDL license applicant has a CDL from another state, the CDL itself may be transferable, but HAZMAT certification for Florida must be completed before the driver can transport any hazardous materials.

CDL Online Information for Study Purposes in Florida

A Florida CDL license cannot be obtained until the CDL applicant first gets a CDL permit to begin all of the testing procedures necessary. Neither the CDL permit application nor the actual CDL drivers license application can be submitted online in Florida. However, there is a wealth of CDL online information available for CDL applicants. For example, the CDL Manual is available online for interested drivers to study at their leisure. CDL drivers license applicants can also find detailed lists of Florida CDL license testing facilities, hours and procedures online. Those lists include Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) locations, as well as skill-testing sites. Skill testing sites are designated areas where practical testing of tractor/trailer vehicles can be performed.

How to Get a Commercial Driver’s License in Person in Florida

CDL applicants wondering how to apply to a commercial driver’s license in person should know that they can apply at any DMV location in Florida. However, applications cannot be submitted online. Every CDL drivers license application must be completed and taken to an in-person DMV outpost.

The Florida CDL license applications can be obtained from any DMV location and can be completed there or taken home for completion prior to submitting. When Florida CDL license applicants plan to hand in completed applications to obtain their CDL licenses, they must also present proofs of ID and residency. For drivers under 21 years of age, a parental consent form may be required for the applicant to obtain a CDL license allowing him or her to drive commercial vehicles only within Florida’s state lines.

After the CDL drivers license application is filled out and submitted, CDL drivers must meet additional requirements. The CDL DMV applicant must pass driver tests to continue the CDL license procedure. Depending on how busy the DMV location or recommended testing facility is, that part of the post-application process could take quite a while.

CDL Drivers License Renewal in Florida

To renew CDL licenses in Florida must be done on time if commercial drivers plan to continue operating motor vehicles for work purposes. Renewing CDLs in Florida must be done in person at a DMV location, and cannot be completed online or by mail. The reason CDL renewal must take place at a DMV office is because commercial drivers are responsible for passing vision exams, once again. In addition, DMV CDL renewal may require drivers to pass another medical exam and to present a new Medical Exam Report. Download our free guide to read more about CDL Medical Exam Reports and what they entail. Once all tests and forms are turned in, drivers must pay the applicable fees to receive renewed commercial licenses in Florida.