Initial CDL Driving Test in Florida

Florida CDL tests include various types of exams that each driver must take to get a CDL license. The exact CDL driving tests that are necessary depend on the different drivers license class types in FL. Below, find more information about CDL exams, as well as related requirements for each license class, including:

  • Initial CDL Driving Test in Florida
  • CDL General Knowledge Test in Florida
  • CDL Skills Test in Florida
  • CDL Test Pre-Trip Inspection Exams in Florida
  • CDL Exam On Air Brakes in Florida
  • Combinations Vehicle CDL Driving Tests in Florida
  • Optional CDL Drivers License Test Endorsements in Florida

Initial CDL Driving Test in Florida

Prior to taking a commercial driving test in Florida, all CDL drivers must first get CDL permits before they can begin the testing process. Obtaining a permit involves paying permit fees, and CDL permits are heavily restricted, such as not allowing drivers to transport passengers or full tanks.

In order to take the FL CDL test, drivers must also meet not only CDL qualifications, but also basic driving qualifications to get a CDL of any kind. Part of those basic requirements is passing a vision test to prove that they can drive safely. In addition, most Florida CDL drivers must pass a medical exam proving that they are physically up to the task of driving commercial vehicles.

CDL General Knowledge Test in Florida

Another component of the CDL driving test is that each applicant must pass a general knowledge exam. The CDL written test in Florida typically consists of written, multiple-choice tests. The test questions cover all the information found in the Florida CDL Handbook, including information about the various parts of commercial vehicles, such as tires, brake systems and engines. All Florida CDL applicants must pass CDL general knowledge test to prove their knowledge of how large vehicles work and how to operate those vehicles safely.

CDL License Basic Skills Tests

Florida commercial driving tests also include practical vehicle operation tests called basic skills tests, or road tests. Separate CDL testing is required for drivers that want to operate commercial vehicles because large vehicles do not operate in the exact same way as small passenger cars. Operations such as driving on highways or going up and down hills are particularly different, especially since large vehicles respond differently based on whether they are full of cargo or are empty at any given time.

CDL Test Pre-Trip Inspection Exams in Florida

The DMV CDL test may have the examiner asking the driver questions, such as how to identify hose leaks on a vehicle, as part of the oral exam. Pre-trip inspection exams occur immediately prior to basic skills tests. A pre-trip inspection exam on the truck license test typically consists of two parts. The first portion of the test is an inspection of the vehicle itself. The second portion is an oral exam that tests the driver’s knowledge of how his or her vehicle operates and is often conducted simultaneously.

As with basic skills tests, CDL written test pre-trip inspections are mandatory for drivers and their vehicles to pass when the drivers are applying for Class A or Class B licenses. Pre-trip inspection exams are also mandatory in cases where Class C basic CDL skills tests are required.

CDL Exam on Air Brakes in Florida

Class A CDL tests always require that the driver pass an air brakes test to show that he or she has a full understanding of how to operate air brake systems that are unique to large commercial vehicles. Class B license test applicants and Class C CDL applicants may also have to pass air brake tests, depending on what type of commercial vehicles they intend to drive.

Information that will be covered on a FL CDL test for air brakes includes how to test or recognize problems with the vehicle’s air brakes pressure indicator, as well as general knowledge questions about the air brake system, itself, and how it operates. There are practice commercial driving tests and CDL drivers ed courses that students can take online to make sure skills have been learned. Read more about authentic CDL practice tests and CDL drivers ed by downloading our guide.

Combinations Vehicle CDL Driving Tests in Florida

Special CDL driving tests in Florida exist for the combinations vehicle license. CDL combination tests are unique to Class A CDL license applicants. A CDL combination test specifically tests a driver’s ability and knowledge regarding the operation of large truck combinations, such as tractor/trailer vehicles with up to three trailers attached to them. This particular CDL exam is necessary, because hauling larger vehicles in combination presents an added set of risks and difficulties.

Optional CDL Drivers License Test Endorsements in Florida

In addition to all the required CDL tests above, Florida drivers can also choose to take extra endorsement tests. CDL drivers license tests for endorsements are necessary to certify drivers to perform certain actions, such as hauling hazardous materials or loaded tanker trucks. Special CDL endorsements are also required for driving school buses or passenger vehicles.