Florida CDL Services

Florida CDL licenses are for those drivers who operate vehicles commercially under the direction of employers. This includes taxi drivers, truck drivers and delivery drivers, to name a few. Any Florida driver who would like to obtain a commercial drivers license should fully investigate what is involved before proceeding. A separate license is required in order to operate a commercial vehicle because the level of skill required is greater than for an ordinary car or truck. The CDL drivers license in Florida also requires the driver to pass vision and hearing tests, and he or she must have a driving record that does not have any major traffic misdemeanors reordered the last 10 years.

Florida CDL licenses come in several types, or classes. The licenses are designated as CDL Class A, B, or C types of commercial licenses. Depending on the type of vehicle that is being driven, the driver will want to select the CDL drivers license that corresponds. In order to apply for a CDL license in Florida, the operator will first have to have his or her regular driver’s license (called a Class E driver’s license), and be 18 years of age, or older.

Endorsements can also be added to a CDL driving license in Florida, which allow the commercial driver to drive specific function vehicles (such as school buses, HAZMAT vehicles, etc.). Once the CDL license has been issued, there still may be restrictions placed on the license pertaining to what types of vehicles may be operated with the class license possessed.

Drivers who have had their CDL DMV credentials suspended will be required to do a number of things before the license suspension will be lifted. This can be anything from paying a fine, to attending traffic school. Suspended CDLs often reserved for repeat offenders, or for those drivers who have committed particularly serious traffic offenses. Suspended CDL licenses in Florida can be reinstated in a number of ways, even if the license is a commercial license. More information about the Florida CDL licenses, how to apply, CDL license requirements, as well as taking CDL tests in Florida, are all covered in the upcoming sections:

  • How to Obtain a Commercial Drivers License in Florida
  • CDL Endorsements in Florida
  • Commercial Driving Courses in Florida
  • Florida Commercial Driver License Exams
  • How to Reinstate a CDL in Florida

How to Obtain a Commercial Drivers License in Florida

Getting a commercial drivers license (CDL) in Florida is a requirement for drivers who intend to operate tractor/trailer vehicles weighing over 26,000 pounds. In order to obtain a commercial drivers license in Florida, there are several important pieces of information that interested drivers need to know. Read More

CDL Endorsements in Florida

Florida CDL endorsements are special permission certifications that can be added to a Florida CDL license. To obtain a commercial drivers license endorsement or multiple CDL endorsements, a Florida CDL holder must undergo extra commercial driver testing. Read More

Commercial Driving Courses in Florida

CDL courses in Florida are necessary for drivers who wish to operate commercial vehicles. Applying for special licenses to operate large vehicles can be a difficult task, even for seasoned drivers. CDL courses can assist interested drivers, who must pass both written exams and road tests to get those CDL certifications in Florida. CDL training courses in FL exist to help CDL applicants learn all the necessary information they need to become properly licensed. Read More

Florida Commercial Driver License Exams

Florida CDL tests include various types of exams that each driver must take to get a CDL license. The exact CDL driving tests that are necessary depend on the different drivers license class types in FL. Read More

How to Reinstate a CDL in Florida

Commercial drivers license suspension in Florida is similar to that of license suspension for those who drive small, personal vehicles. Many of the same offenses are grounds for commercial driving license suspension, including driving while intoxicated, texting while driving and leaving the scene of an accident. In addition, suspended CDLs in FL can result from refusal to take a blood alcohol concentration exam. Read More