Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles

Florida drivers permits, Florida drivers license services and more are overseen by the Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). The FL DHSMV is responsible for highway safety and security, as well as licensing, car registration in Florida and car titling. Each operation of the Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles handles specific tasks. All departments are designed to offer the most efficient methods possible for taking care of all Florida vehicle needs, including traffic tickets and signing up for traffic school. Background checks, information on auto insurance and the ability to look up a driving history (or a VIN check) can all be done through this agency. Drivers can also download our free guide to read more in-depth information about the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. The following topics touch upon the FL DHSMV’s various functions:

  • Florida Driver License Services
  • Florida CDL Services
  • Florida Motorcycle License & Registration Services
  • Florida Car Registration & Title Services
  • Traffic Tickets & Penalties in Florida
  • Online Services in Florida

Florida Driver License Services

Florida drivers who need to get a permit for driving, take a drivers exam or get information about drivers education classes can take care of new driver obligations at the DHSMV. Drivers can gain assistance when applying for drivers licenses, when they go to renew drivers licenses or simply to aid drivers in the state who have lost their licenses and need to replace them. Any updates or changes to a Florida drivers license can also be made through the FL DHSMV. In addition, Florida voter registration cards are available to obtain. Florida recognizes several different types (or classes) of drivers licenses, including Class E licenses (regular driving license), Classes A,B, and C licenses, as well as others. The FLDHSMV is also responsible for maintaining a database of all Florida driving records. The Florida driver’s license point system allows drivers adequate time to make adjustments to their driving skills before a suspended license penalty is incurred. The state DMV also offers many ways for a driver to regain his or her license once it has been revoked. Read More

Florida CDL Services

CDL licenses in Florida are also dispensed through the DHSMV to those who wish to drive professionally. For drivers interested in learning more about CDL tests, or what the requirements are for a CDL license, the Department of Motor Vehicles has all of the information available. The DMV is also responsible for assisting with CDL qualifications, as well as those drivers who are dealing with revoked drivers licenses due to accumulation of points or serious offenses. A professional driver who wishes to add other endorsements to his or her CDL license in Florida can also arrange for CDL drivers ed classes through the DMV, and can arrange for the addition of various endorsements. Truck driving schools frequently work with the students to make certain that the proper licensing is obtained. Many Florida drivers opt to take online CDL courses, and simply put in the behind-the-wheel time with a private company or a CDL licensed driver. The DHSMV does not require those applying for their CDL licenses to train with specific instructors or schools, but it does require that a certain amount of time be spent learning how to drive a large commercial vehicle before applying for the commercial drivers license in the state of Florida.  Read More

Florida Motorcycle License & Registration Services

Motorcycle licenses in the state of Florida are also available through the DSHMV. Florida licensing offices statewide issue motorcycle endorsements to those who have met all of the qualifications necessary to get their licenses. Motorcycle drivers ed courses are offered as well. Drivers under the age of 18 who are applying for a motorcycle only license do not need to complete an additional driving exam for cars. However, those drivers in the state who already have their drivers licenses are still required to get Class M license endorsements in order to drive. In addition, both moped and motorcycle registration are necessary, just as with four-wheel vehicles in Florida.  Read More

Florida Car Registration & Title Services

Car titling and car registration in FL are both is overseen by the FLDHSMV, but are maintained and distributed by the county tax collector. Drivers interested in obtaining Florida license plates or speaking to someone about updating information on a Florida car title or a vehicle registration can find the information they seek through the DHSMV. It is fairly easy to take car registration requests, and it is convenient to register vehicle online in Florida. Bill of sale documents for drivers who would like to sell their vehicles are easy to obtain. Florida car title replacement is also offered through the DHSMV, as well as a wide range of vehicle title services. Florida drivers who need help with transferring car titles or with changing name on car titles can find the assistance they need. In many cases, each of these services can be done online. Read More

Traffic Tickets & Penalties in Florida

Traffic tickets in Florida are given to drivers who have not obeyed the rules and regulations governing Florida’s roadway systems. Traffic fines have varying levels of severity and are issued according to a driving record, as well as the traffic violation committed. Drivers in Florida who continue to commit traffic violations will accumulate points on their drivers licenses. When so many points are reached, the license will be suspended.  If a driver feels that he or she needs to prepare a traffic ticket defense case, he or she may do so through the DHSMV initially, and then through the traffic court in the jurisdiction where the violation occurred. Drivers who would like to dispute traffic tickets may wish to seek legal advice or representation before proceeding. In many instances, judges will allow drivers the option to attend a traffic school in order to waive the points that would ordinarily have been assessed to the drivers license. However, all fees that accompany the traffic ticket are most often still in effect, and must be paid unless otherwise specified. Read More

Online Services in Florida

From online drivers ed classes to online traffic school registration, drivers in Florida have the option to elect for web-based fulfillment surrounding a plethora of different services statewide. Both online background checks and driving records are easily obtainable by drivers interested in entering the commercial driving field. Oftentimes, online driving records and background screenings in FL are requested of commercial driving employers. In addition, VIN lookups online are conveniently available to those parties interested in purchasing used vehicles in Florida. Thanks to technological advances, it has never been easier to handle driver and vehicle obligations from the comforts of home. Online services allow drivers and vehicle owners, alike to bypass long wait times at FL DHSMV office locations. Read More