SNAP Benefits in Florida


Providing the residents of Florida benefits for food stamps and education on healthy nourishment is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). SNAP food benefits help low income individuals and families with their nutritional needs. Many refer to the SNAP benefits Florida program by the older name, food stamps. Florida Department of Children & Families changed the name several years ago to reflect a series of developments to the benefit card food stamps Florida participants received. SNAP food benefits give participants access to various food items available for purchase using an EBT card, which participants receive if eligible for the SNAP program. The SNAP benefits program also focuses on providing nutritional information to assist participants when selecting groceries. Find out more information regarding all the ways food stamps benefits Florida participants in the following subjects:


  • Foods available with Florida SNAP benefits
  • Using an EBT card in Florida
  • Items not available through Florida SNAP

Foods Available with Florida SNAP Benefits

SNAP food benefits in Florida provide active and eligible SNAP participants with the opportunity to purchase nutritional food. In the past, Florida benefits for food stamps were accessible through a voucher system, commonly called food stamps. Using SNAP benefits, participants would furnish paper vouchers as currency at specific stores that accepted the program. The food stamps benefit participants by allowing them to purchase specific food items. SNAP has undergone many refinements since those early days and now SNAP food benefits in Florida focuses on providing nutritional food for all participants through an EBT card instead of food vouchers.

The purpose of food stamps benefits is not to be restrictive like other federal aid programs that help low income households. Nearly all items in a grocery store are available for purchase with an EBT card. Part of the SNAP food benefits in Florida also include access to educational material, including what kind of items SNAP participants should purchase for healthy meals. SNAP encourages participants to buy a variety of food, such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products and something that is a strong source of protein, such as fish or chicken. Another change to the program is that SNAP food benefits in Florida may also include seeds and plants, if the participant uses either of those to grow their food. These participants may also be able to purchase livestock if they own their own farm.

In most situations, Florida benefits for food stamps only apply to groceries and not to hot meals. SNAP prefers households buy ingredients that they can use to cook their own meals at home, since these are healthier alternatives than hot meals or food purchased in restaurants. However, the program may allow elderly participants or participants with certain disabilities to use their EBT benefit card food stamps to purchase hot meals or food from restaurants, since preparing their meals at home is not as easy for those participants. Participants who want to know more about specific SNAP food benefits in Florida, can download our free guide here for more details.

Using an EBT Card in Florida

The SNAP benefit card food stamps Florida participants receive is the modern method for purchasing healthy food. A SNAP benefits agent acts as a caseworker and helps figure out exactly how much money the participant receives each month. The primary factor for food stamps benefits Florida SNAP agents consider is the income and size of their household. Whether or not the household has any children also plays a large role in determining how much a SNAP participant receives each month. Caseworkers also explain the various SNAP food benefits, such as the free lunch program at schools and access to educational material on how to prepare nutritious meals.

SNAP participants may only use their Florida benefits for food stamps at select grocery stores. The majority of grocery chains in Florida should accept EBT cards. Stores that accept EBT cards should have it advertised at the front of the store. If a SNAP participant is unsure of where their Florida benefits for food stamps are available for use, there is an online tool available from SNAP which lets participants search for EBT friendly locations.

Items not Available Through Florida SNAP

SNAP participants cannot use their Florida benefits for food stamps to purchase anything they want from a grocery store. The purpose of SNAP food benefits is solely to purchase food items. However, the benefit card food stamps Florida participants receive cannot purchase healthier items sold at grocery stores such as vitamins and medication. In addition, SNAP food benefits in Florida do not apply to hot meals. Participants also cannot use their EBT card to buy food from restaurants located inside of a grocery store. EBT cards cannot but alcohol or tobacco. To learn about state-government assistance for purchasing medication, download our guide here.

What Assistance Benefits Does the Department of Children and Families Provide?

Various assistance benefits are available to residents of Florida through the Department of Children and Families (DCF). Families can receive benefits that allow them to buy nutritious groceries, save money on school lunch for their children and obtain temporary financial assistance. Additionally, petitioners who qualify for one assistance program are also typically eligible for other benefits in Florida. Find out how to qualify for benefits through Florida’s DCF and how to apply for them by downloading our comprehensive guide.

Who Can Receive Assistance Benefits in Florida?

Each assistance program offered through Florida’s Department of Children and Families has various eligibility qualifications that petitioners must meet in order to enroll. Household size and income are only a few factors that are typically taken into account. For more details on eligibility for Florida DCF assistance programs, download our guide.