EBT Cards in Florida

Officials issue Florida EBT cards to enrollees after acceptance into the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Short for Electronic Benefit Transfer, EBT card information contains the amount of benefits issued to the program participant. Enrollees use the EBT card to access the financial assistance deposited into their specific account. Several other government programs use EBT benefits as a way of issuing funds to participants. It is important for SNAP beneficiaries and those enrolled in other state-run assistance programs that utilize EBT cards to know how to check EBT card balance to keep track of their remaining funds. Participants should also know how to apply for EBT cards in the event that it becomes lost or incurs damage beyond usability. SNAP caseworkers assigned to participants can help replace destroyed and misplaced benefit cards. For more general information about using a Florida EBT card, read the following sections:


  • How to check EBT card balance in Florida
  • How to use the Florida EBT card
  • Replacing a lost EBT card in Florida

How to Check EBT Card Balance in Florida

Knowing how to check EBT card balances is very important. As part of EBT benefits, SNAP refills the cards each month. SNAP participants with Florida EBT cards will receive different food stamp benefits amounts depending on their financial situation. When participants first go through the process of how to apply for EBT benefits from SNAP, they answer questions regarding the size of their household as well as the income of everyone within. That information determines what EBT benefits each participant is eligible for on a monthly basis.

Unlike other federal aid programs, SNAP provides participants with a great deal of freedom to spend their benefits. SNAP participants with Florida EBT cards need to be able to budget food stamp benefits. When participants first receive their EBT benefits, they know exactly how much is on their card since they have yet to use it. However, once food stamp beneficiaries begin to utilize their benefits, keeping track of their remaining balance can difficult.

Food stamp participants can link their Florida EBT card to their online account on the SNAP website. This allows SNAP beneficiaries to monitor their balance and see updated EBT card information very quickly. The balance typically changes a few minutes after a purchase. Another convenient aspect of checking Florida EBT card balances using the website is being able to access the website from a smartphone. Many SNAP participants actively check their EBT card information using their cell phone whenever they go to the grocery store, ensuring they always know the exact amount of EBT benefits remaining for the month.

Even if participants do not have online access, they can still check their Florida EBT card balance with their phone. The process of how to check EBT card balance by telephone involves calling the SNAP EBT assistance number on the back of the card and entering the 16-digit EBT card number. The automatic system will give SNAP beneficiaries their EBT card information like card balance and 10 most recent transactions. Participants can also check the date of their next EBT benefits deposit to develop a budget between fund allocations.

Most of the grocery stores which accept EBT benefits have a balance inquiry terminal somewhere in the store. Typically, SNAP participants can find these terminals near the cash registers or the front of the store. SNAP participants scan their Florida EBT card at these terminals to get an update on their remaining balance. The easiest method how to check EBT card balances is by looking at the receipt of the most recent purchase. The receipt will note EBT card information like the last four digits of the card number, purchase amount, EBT food and cash balance. SNAP participants should not rely solely on this method of how to check EBT card balance since it involves actively spending money just to get the updated total. SNAP beneficiaries can learn more about products they can purchase with their EBT card by clicking here for our free guide.

How to Use the Florida EBT Card

Using a Florida EBT card is a very straight forward process. To utilize EBT benefits, SNAP participants must create pin number or password. Anytime participants use their EBT cards in Florida, they simply swipe the card before making a purchase and enter their pin number. Enrollees also use the four-digit pin code whenever they call customer support and for the online account, if the participant chooses to link their card. Participants pick a four-digit number when they first receive their Florida EBT card, so if the card is lost whoever finds it cannot use the card as their own.

The most complicated part of using EBT benefits is understanding which stores accept the card. Most grocery chains in Florida accept EBT cards. If a store accepts EBT cards, they have to advertise it somewhere. The store will either say they accept EBT benefits or food stamp benefits.

If participants are buying additional items not covered by EBT benefits, they will have to treat those as a separate transaction. Unemployed SNAP enrollees may be able to use unemployment insurance EBT card to cover the remaining portion of food expenses. Click here for our comprehensive guide and review the items on which SNAP beneficiaries can use their benefits.

Replacing a Lost EBT Card in Florida

How to apply for EBT cards is just as simple as physically using the card. SNAP participants must report Florida EBT cards missing or stolen immediately by calling the EBT customer service phone number. Food stamp enrollees can call the EBT benefits number to inform caseworkers about not receiving an initial or replacement card by mail and to request a replacement for a damaged or nonworking card. Participants can obtain numerous EBT card information by speaking to customer service. Once the new EBT card arrives, the participant must come up with a new pin number for the card. SNAP participants who fail to report stolen food stamps cards will lose their benefits as well as be subject to a SNAP fraud charges, as benefits are solely for approved participants.

What Assistance Benefits Does the Department of Children and Families Provide?

Various assistance benefits are available to residents of Florida through the Department of Children and Families (DCF). Families can receive benefits that allow them to buy nutritious groceries, save money on school lunch for their children and obtain temporary financial assistance. Additionally, petitioners who qualify for one assistance program are also typically eligible for other benefits in Florida. Find out how to qualify for benefits through Florida’s DCF and how to apply for them by downloading our comprehensive guide.

Who Can Receive Assistance Benefits in Florida?

Each assistance program offered through Florida’s Department of Children and Families has various eligibility qualifications that petitioners must meet in order to enroll. Household size and income are only a few factors that are typically taken into account. For more details on eligibility for Florida DCF assistance programs, download our guide.